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Designer, Entrepreneur, Author and Businesswoman.

The Fotini Factor is a style consultancy firm providing guidance and counsel for all women, on both their own personal and professional brand. With the focus being on style, fashion, demeanor, and expression capability, we will develop, identify, and implement an enriched program for each client to achieve her goals. Based on result-driven disciplines that are conveyed in a pragmatic approach, TFF will lead to confidence and success enabling the client to live the best version of herself.

Personal Services

Refresh, Renew & Restore. Reset in this new landscape, both in your personal and professional life. FOTINI will collaborate with you to enhance you through your wardrobe, with positive and proven results.


Virtual Closet Cleanse

  • Assessment of current closet status
  • Review of wardrobe items that can be tailored to achieve the proper fit making them feel brand-new
  • Declutter your space to provide clarity

Virtual Group Cleanse

  • A 60 minute tutorial assisting on how to alleviate some of the challenges you are currently experiencing
  • An information exchange with Fotini where you can ask her questions regarding your current wardrobe, personal brand or even show her pieces and receive her feedback

Individual Consultation

  • Virtual or in-person collaboration
  • An assessment of your current status, goals, and your vision for future success with those goals
  • Fotini will help you enhance your personal brand which materially improves confidence both in personal and professional areas of your life
  • Learn how to implement and develop methods to assist you with your visual
    representation, through fashion, style and demeanour
  • Customize a program that is suited for you that can be used throughout the calendar year

Corporate Services

FOTINI will provide the disciplines on how to achieve success through an individual's personal brand to impact the individual and subsequently, the success of the overall business.


Customized Presentations

  • Speaking engagements and keynotes
  • Virtual seminars
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Small Group Seminars
  • Executive Team Consulting – Group or One-on-one

Corporate Consultations

  • Advise on how to implement and develop a program to enhance personal brand through visual representation and style strategy
  • Discuss how Personal Brand materially improves confidence in both personal and professional areas of one’s life
  • Identify challenging areas and providing solutions to reach one’s goals
  • Advise on steps to reach one’s full potential that will result in overall career success