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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

Chic Cover-Ups

Summer is a wonderful time to embrace a casual and effortless lifestyle. It’s a time to relax, take time for yourself and revel in the sunshine. During this season, I recommend fitting your fashion decisions to this laid-back approach to life.

Whether you can spend the day by the pool, visit a beach, hang out in your backyard and later head out for a drink why not consider wearing the same outfit? Of course, styling it in a different way can make your look feel entirely different but really it is effortless. Transition your cover-up seamlessly from day to twilight.

Any time you head to the beach or pool, you’ll be ready for any plans that pop up when you follow one of these cover-up ideas.

A Short Summer Dress

Throw a short, alluring dress over your bathing suit to instantly switch to going-out mode. Lightweight, breathable fabrics are ideal, such as crochet. Pick a breezy, summery bodice style that shows off your skin, such as a halter or strapless neckline.

Mesh Styles

Translucent mesh pieces are the epitome of summer style, covering your skin while displaying your shape at the same time. These flirty pieces are perfect for beach bars where casual attire fits the bill. You have the flexibility to choose from mesh jumpsuits, hoodies, and other cover-up styles.

A Long, Breezy Cover-Up

You don’t have to go short for summer style. Consider wearing a piece that extends to your feet, with slits to show off your legs. A lightweight fabric will provide hints of your shape while expertly covering your beachwear.

A Loose Kimono or Caftan

Just as you would cover up with a robe after a shower, tie a beachy kimono or caftan around yourself after time at the ocean. These cover-ups loosely drape around your body for a relaxed, alluring appeal. Go for long styles in your choice of solid or translucent fabrics. You could even wear it open to have it drape from your back in a casual, comfortable way.

A Short Romper

A romper provides the perfect way to pull off a casual summer style. This look elevates the classic shorts and t-shirts with a more sophisticated yet still cute style. For a different take, choose a jumpsuit instead that gives you the same one-piece style with more coverage.

A Versatile Sarong

A sarong gives you the freedom to wrap it any way you please, allowing you to match your mood, your bathing suit and the setting. You can wrap this large piece of fabric around your waist to cover up your bottom half or tie it at chest level for a full cover-up. You can even get creative with one-shoulder or twisted styles.

A Maxidress

You’ll gain a long, flowy look that covers your body from head to toe with a maxidress. Choose a lightweight fabric that’s perfect for summer, and have fun with bold patterns that enhance your personal style. You can decide whether to cover your arms or whether to let some skin show through sleeveless styles and slits.

Button-Up Styles

Beachy button-up styles provide a stylish and sophisticated look that’s also very alluring. Wrap yourself in a long button-up shirt or a shirt dress. You can choose how much of your beachwear and skin to show by how many buttons you leave open. These tops come in a variety of styles, allowing you to decide whether to cover your arms and legs, and whether to show your legs through a short length or slits.

A Two-Piece Style

Covering up at the beach doesn’t automatically have to mean wearing one long, draping piece of fabric. Instead, try a two-piece outfit that’s cute and fitted. An ideal look is a skirt with a matching separate top. Since you’re at the beach, feel free to show some belly skin between your pieces if it fits your personal style to do so.

Just Bottoms

Just as one can choose to only wear a top as a cover-up with no bottoms over your bathing suit, one can instead choose to only wear bottoms with your suit. Try stylish shorts, a skirt or wide-legged cropped pants as a cover-up.

As you can see, there are endless ways to cover-up this summer. Being prepared to look your best when transitioning from the beach to an evening out will help you always maintain your best sense of style and your personal brand.

You could choose different cover-ups to fit the setting and your personal preferences. Which cover-up styles fit your brand best?

fotini xoxo

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