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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Getting Back Into Your Fitness Routine

Mind. Body. Soul. Three very important parts of who we are.

As a Personal Brand Enhancement Consultant and Style Strategist the three parts of who we are; mind, body and soul – are more critical than ever. They are the foundation of our personal being and our brand.

One of the most common questions I personally have been asked by clients, colleagues, friends, family and yes, even those who reach out to me is,  “what is your fitness regime?” I have a very disciplined fitness regimen, and that is because I view it as a vital part of my lifestyle. Over the last eighteen months, our normal has been thrown off completely as we have been forced to live in lockdown to then juggle restrictions, all while putting our health and safety as the priority.

Working from home, taking care of children, worrying about elderly parents, current and future financial uncertainty, the list can be overwhelming. Like many of you, my life has also changed dramatically, and as it relates to my fitness regime, which is fundamental to my overall well-being, I have had to make alterations.

I usually work-out in my condo building gym. It feels comfortable and I embrace it with everything I am – mind, body and soul. This has completely changed now and I work-out in my suite – I am sure many of you can relate. Thankfully I have free weights. But there have been many times when I have been traveling and had to improvise – I have been known to use condiment cans, cases of water and stacked books as free weights. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to keep your mind, body and soul in alignment.

I have found similar solves for cardio. Skipping and jumping jacks while devoid of the “runner’s high” still get my heart racing. We need to keep moving at a pace where we are achieving  a “good sweat”. Admittedly, there are countless options available right now. While discipline is key, I am also trying to be resourceful so that I maintain perspective in these trying times. I thought I would share some of the resources and tips that I am putting into place right now in order to maintain my health and perspective.


Whatever motivates you – yoga, pilates, skipping or dance – just do it. The key is to move! Taking care of you first is not selfish. Maintaining your health and well-being will benefit you and you will be better for it.

Choose a time to partake in one of these activities before the children are up or if you have someone to help you take that time and in exchange allow your partner to do the same.  Being at home is a challenge, but there are great online workouts and appsas well.  Choose something that works for YOU that is how you will stay interested and follow through.

HIIT Workouts

Amanda Kloots |@amandakloots

Sculpt Society@megangroup

Mindful Movement 

Isaac Boots |@isaacboots

Maintain a Routine

Journaling and setting an agenda for the day is probably even more critical now than ever before.  It is easy to lose perspective, feel less inspired or motivated right now so having a to do list can really help keep us on track.


Nothing feels better than feeling fresh and clean.  And right now cleanliness and hygiene is more critical than ever. A shower in the morning after a workout will help you feel fresh and healthy as you head into the day (and get you out of those pjs).

Put away all your electronic devices, turn off the news and have a bath before you go to bed in order to get a good night’s sleep.  And regardless of the time of day – wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands and especially underneath the nails (pet peeve of mine).

Meal planning and nutrition

I have always been a planner by nature, but at this time I’m planning more so than ever.   To help manage our family food requirements and limit our trips to get groceries I have been planning everything. I am wisely choosing our treats and am ensuring we don’t graze all day  just because we are home and the fridge is staring me in the face all day!



Plan the entire week and choose wisely what your treats are even the days you want to order in! We are saving money and wasting less because of this approach   a bit of a silver lining.

Meditate/Be Mindful/Nurture the Soul

Calming our minds is key right now. Where at one time we could visit or hug a loved one to gain much needed comfort, right now we are all staying 6’ away from each other.

Taking some time every day to just  sit in peace, meditate, write,…whatever it takes to calm your mind and ensure you move forward positively. Practice gratitude, whether you are giving back in some form or just being grateful for what we have – things could always be worse and for some less fortunate they are.

Talk to Family and Friends

Yes, you still can have girlfriend date nights, dinner parties and play games.  Set aside time for your elderly parents or someone you know would really benefit from knowing you care.

I am actually finding that some of our conversations have improved because we are sitting at our laptops and looking our friends and family right in the eyes as we chat. We are fully present and engaged.

What Makes You Laugh

We all have that song, that story, that show, that movie, that friend who make us laugh. Lean on that right now. Call the friend, choose a fun playlist or make a bowl of popcorn and watch the movie. Do what you need to do to alter your perspective.

For me, I have a girlfriend who makes me laugh so hard my stomach aches, watching Larry David of  “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is the perfect outlet for me.  Laughter has always been the best medicine and right now I think we need it more than ever.

I’ll end off with this and we cannot say it enough – thank you to all the people that are in the front lines trying to make it better for us. I could list all those by category, but I won’t – it is a long list. Next time you see one of those special people tell them you’re thankful it will mean the world to them – I know I’ve been extending my gratitude whenever I can.

Be mindful and respect yourself – take care of that special person you look at every day in the mirror!


fotini xoxo

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