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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

20 Wardrobe Essentials

Your wardrobe is an extension of who you are. It is a visual representation of your personal brand which is why it is so important for every woman to reflect their beautiful, confident, and unique selves through style. 

A well-established wardrobe is nothing without the basics. That versatile little black dress, crisp blazer, and go-to pair of jeans can transform the foundation of your wardrobe and take your personal brand to the next level. Plus, a closet built on streamlines selections can make day-to-day dressing infinitely simpler – letting you take on your day with confidence and ease. 

This past year our wardrobe has been altered and for many it has become more uniform dressing with comfort being at the forefront…hence the success of the athleisure category of dressing. We are getting through this challenging time cautiously by following protocols and guidelines. There is light at the end of the tunnel and with that will come excitement for the long overdue human connection, which means our wardrobe will begin to transition. I’ve discussed before the results of dressing well and dressing first and foremost for yourself. When we look good, we feel good and that translates to confidence and delivers the message of success – you are in charge of your destiny. Your personal brand and style is your CV that represents you.

After dedicating my life to fashion and working with clients to elevate their personal brand, I know, while trends come and go, there are 20 wardrobe essentials that’ll last a lifetime.

1. Denim 

Jeans are an essential item that every woman must have as part of her wardrobe. Whether they are a consistent part of your look or a piece that you wear on occasion. Jeans act as a wardrobe staple that has the ability to transition your look from casual to chic – depending on the type of denim and what garments you pair them with. Next time you go shopping for your perfect pair of jeans, consider the fit, length, stretch, and wash. 

2. Trouser Suit 

A well-tailored suit is an essential ensemble to have on-hand for those special occasions. These items can be worn together or as separates, expanding the versatility of this selection. The inseam must feel comfortable; the waist size should not feel tight, and finding the right fit around your posterior is key. When we are comfortable in the clothes we wear, we exude confidence! 

3. Blouse

With a few top buttons undone, exposing a dainty necklace or two on the décolleté, a soft, yet refined, blouse portrays authority while maintaining femininity. Or perhaps throw over a cashmere sweater to opt for a more preppy or business look. The timelessness of this piece stems to its versatility, it can be paired with any of the following…power suit or jeans and flats.

4. Pencil Skirt 

The pencil skirt is one of the most timeless silhouettes in fashion. When worn correctly, a pencil skirt offers a flattering look on most figure. With a tucked-in shirt, or belted jacket, the pencil skirt gives you a long, lean line. In addition, it shows your legs, which keeps it decidedly feminine.


5. Moto Jacket 

The essential motorcycle jacket remains a timeless wardrobe staple that never loses its cool-factor. With their edgy vibes and timeless allure, these jackets are the ruling monarchs of the outwear world. Designers have been making this classic cut work for a wide variety of styles. If you are looking for a more  edgier look, I recommend a black leather jacket but if you crave a softer, more feminine style, ditch the black leather for a neutral tone in suede or tweed. 

6. Cashmere Sweater 

There is nothing more comfortable and versatile than a cashmere sweater. A lightweight cashmere version feels undeniably warm and soft. This sweater is a little slice of luxury. Whether it is a crew neck, v-neck or button down, select a style you feel most comfortable in. This piece can carry you throughout all seasons even on those summer nights as an added layer in case of  chilly temperatures.  

7. Trench Coat 

A classic neutral trench coat is a practical yet stylish choice. The waterproof material is the core of the trench and the structure can slightly change from silhouette to silhouette. They are great for rainy or windy weather, but they also work when it’s a bit colder out by simply adding some layers underneath. Timeless and practical. 

8. Coat 

A classic wool coat will take you anywhere – from the office to dinner, from the grocery store to the shopping mall, and anywhere in between. You can throw it on over jeans and a casual sweater and look instantly chic, and you can also wear it over your favorite workwear looks. You can never go wrong with the classic colours – grey, camel, black or you can add a pop of colour for a seasonal feel like this spring option.

9. The Little Black Dress 

Every woman needs a well-fitting black dress that she can wear for any occasion. The little black dress is a classic piece that flatters every body type. You can never go wrong with black! It is chic and effortlessly elegant. Its magic lies in its simplicity. With the right accessories, it can be dressed up or down and made appropriate for any occasion. You know you’ve found the perfect black dress when you feel your most confident in it! 

10. Polished Tote

A well-made tote can carry you through whatever your day throws at you. Choose a classic fabric leather or faux and think of a weatherproof and scuff proof option. Ensure there are several pockets inside the tote so that keys, your glasses, and other items don’t get lost in the open space. You should be able to put the tote comfortably over your shoulder. Test this in the store since there is nothing worse than realizing the handle is just a bit too short to throw over your shoulder. This multi-purpose item is oh-so-versatile. 

11. Sneakers 

Every woman needs a pair of proper white sneakers that are basic and casual enough to go with anything you wear from jeans to a chiffon dress. They really are the shoes that can take you anywhere. 

12. Ankle Boot 

Practical, comfortable, and stylish, these boots are perfect on so many levels. Not only are they ideal for almost any time of the year, but they can also suit a range of outfits and can easily be dressed up or down. Thanks to their flattering style and practical length, these stylish shoes can suit many looks. Pick a colour, height, and style that will pair well with your unique wardrobe. 

13. Sandal 

A sandal is a must-have for those warmer summer months. Nothing feels like summer has arrived than displaying our freshly-polished toes for their seasonal debut. However, consider how much walking your day typically entails, if it is more than a couple of blocks, choose a sandal that isn’t too strappy. Comfort is key! Ensure your toes are not hanging over the edge of the shoe. The color you select should be neutral to match with all of your favorite summer pieces, and the heel should be accessible for you to walk in. 

14. Earrings 

 An important piece of jewelry is a pair of classic earrings. The diamond or pearl stud is perhaps the most classic, elegant, and versatile option, but you can opt for a stud earring with some color. The great thing about studs is that it is a go-to earring for every day. You can use this as a backdrop for everything else that you are going to wear. A stud will make sure that your look is finished and polished. 

15. Layered Necklace 

A true statement necklace has the potential to transform any outfit. Adding jewelry to your outfit is an opportunity to show your creativity, personality, and signature style. Take any basic outfit and turn it into a more formal trendy look by simply layering bold and feminine pieces together.  The versatility of this option is that they can also be worn separately.

16. Watch 

A timepiece like this is an investment.  Great watches come in many designs to match every woman’s needs and personal style. Consider a choice that is versatile and has longevity versus trend especially if you’re opting to purchase an investment piece.

17. Formal Dress 

Even though we are not currently going from event to event at the moment, a formal dress is a wardrobe must! I recommend opting for a more neutral tone as these pieces tend to be a larger investment. Select a style that suits your shape and would be comfortable to wear to many different occasions – case in point, don’t invest in a formal dress that you will only wear to one wedding, ensure that this piece will stand the test of time in your wardrobe.

18. White T-shirt 

This staple is something many of us can’t live without! Whether we are throwing on a trackset or dressing down a suit, the t-shirt is a wardrobe staple which isn’t going anywhere. Truth be told, it is the item that I recommend not overly investing in as you can purchase affordable options that do the trick. On that note, white t-shirts in particular, can get stained and really show the wear which forces them to sometimes be short lived, compared to your other essentials. This is okay! I always recommend filtering through new t-shirts as seasons come and go to keep them fresh and current! 

19. Camisole 

The cami is a wardrobe must for all seasons. It is the item which the layering starts with. In the summer months, a cami can be worn on it’s own or with a light sweater, blazer, the list goes on. In the winter months, this piece doesn’t get the spotlight it deserves as it is more often than not, tucked into your pant choice and hidden underneath a cozy sweater. Regardless of this – your cami should be comfortable as it does share direct contact with your skin. When purchasing this piece consider the bra you may be wearing underneath. Should you choose to not wear a bra invest in seamless nipple covers for that more polished look. 

20. Athleisure

Comfortable and chic, with the ability to be curated ever so stylishly, Athleisure has graced us on the most coveted publications and catwalks. A track-set, sweatsuit…essentially all of the comfies in one! I recommend selecting a style that is tapered enough that it doesn’t completely lose your shape and isn’t too baggy to look sloppy so that you can wear out and about while you run your errands. Take your pick and stay comfortable! 

Whatever pieces you decide to include in your wardrobe, it is important that it reflects your personal brand and style, gives you confidence and allows you to showcase your most authentic self.

fotini xoxo

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