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What Message Does Your Personal Brand Convey In 2021? 

We made it!

2021…we welcome you with open arms.

There is a lot to be said about New Year’s resolutions and setting a specific standard for yourself. This past year has allowed us to be more introspective and has caused us to make shifts in our daily life. It has been challenging to encapsulate what is to come, but it is important to focus on what’s consistent in our lives, and that is our personal selves. We are our most important and vital investment. From our families and loved ones who depend on us to our professional relationships, it all begins with our personal brand. How we move forward during this unprecedented time where we have had to face challenges that we had not thought of is at the forefront more than ever!

This is why Personal Brand Enhancement should be your New Year’s purpose. Make this year the focus on building and refining your personal brand. Each day we face different circumstances, therefore it is inevitable that we would have to alter the way we represent ourselves. In working with high achievers whether it be on a professional level in the corporate world to one of the most valued roles, a stay-at-home parent I often hear statements like – “I don’t have time to spend on myself” or “I don’t know where to start”. The absence of time while multi-tasking especially during the pandemic and now as we head into recovery is very much a focal point.

You are the figured-head of your personal brand and how you convey and promote your message is of utmost importance. When you are present, others immediately have a perception or make a judgment of who you are before any verbal characteristics are communicated. We are visual beings and it is non-realistic to think that an assumption is not made of us. Our visual representation plays a big part in how others formulate opinions.

Like in many relationships, trust is relevant and meaningful. In business relationships, a question that will come up is whether you look the part of an executive and will you handle the proposal or venture with care. On a personal level, it could be a parent-teacher interview which again the same fundamentals apply. I’ve written in my book, Alterations in Life, about personal experiences where personal branding has played a very prominent role in how I was perceived and how I delivered my message.

Most importantly, we want to deliver a message that is accurate and real of who we are. Delivering anything but the factual truth will come through as untrustworthy and the end result will be exhausting for you and one that does not serve your best interests. Together we will collaborate on what you want your message to be and one that you can achieve. I always accentuate that we want to enhance who you are with the fabulous attributes that you already own. We will develop attainable programs and strategies that will allow you to feel comfortable eventually following them on your own. Credible, confident, professional, and trustworthy are key messages to convey.

We will clearly define your goals, keep track of your progress, and leverage your points of difference. It’s important to be consistent and develop a narrative. As we head into 2021, it is time to start a new chapter. Without abandoning who you are, reintroduce yourself in this current world through a shift of your goals, and outlooks both internally and externally, in turn, you will enhance your personal brand overall.


fotini xoxo

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