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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

Refresh, Renew & Restore with Me!

My story begins in Athens Greece, my birthplace. At six months of age, my parents immigrated to Montreal, Canada. Three and half years later it was decided that I would go back to Athens to live with my paternal grandparents so that both my parents could work – this practice was not unusual for immigrant families at that time. Living with my grandparents for close to four years allowed me to explore and witness a world of fantasy and dreams. Accompanying my grandfather to his place of business on selected evenings to the old world, salon-style nightclub was like a fairy-tale. The piano was playing and beautiful people would visit this magical establishment. Like a version of a Fellini movie – glamour, opulence and beauty were ever-so present on those special evenings. Watching the women bejewelled with their glistening attire and coiffed hair it was a vision a little girl could easily be enamoured with. And so, my love of fashion began at a very young age.

My life has been full over the years, building a family, a corporate career and becoming an entrepreneur – not without challenges, bumps and bruises along the way. Priorities and demands of life didn’t allow for me to pursue my dream until later in life. But, with perseverance, focus, discipline and extremely hard work I was able to bring my dream to fruition. The experience I gained from my business career was a key factor in staying on track while remaining realistic and pragmatic.

It was after a trusted colleague reviewed my sketches and vision of the brand, that it was recommended that I dedicate the time and effort towards education from the highest level of artisans to get hands-on training. It was the moment I chose to pursue my dream and all the stars aligned in every aspect of my life to allow me to do so. This took me to Italy and over the course of a three-year commute, I began my training.

Three years later in 2010, I launched my fashion brand FOTINI in the garment district of New York City which made its debut in NYFW followed by four seasons. In 2012 my Cleopatra gown from my fall/winter collection Egyptian Queens and Greek Goddesses was worn by comedy queen Amy Poehler at the MET Gala – that was a dream come true!

All of these experiences are what bring me to where I am today.

As a Personal Brand Enhancement Consultant and Style Strategist, my focus is on visual representation and demeanour. As an extension of my fashion brand, this business concept came organically. Over the years I have been able to meet wonderful women and have the opportunity to listen to them discuss their needs and goals regarding their personal brand, which always was more than just fashion. It was an overall brand message of who they are and what they wanted to communicate – their bio or business card if you will.

My intention is to inspire, advise and enhance my client’s personal brand – not to change who they are.

I bring my years of experience, insights, disciplines and a pragmatic approach to every client I work with, always, with their best interests at the forefront. Through listening and understanding my clients’ needs and objectives we collaborate in building an attainable and successful plan.

With the current landscape of the world, there is no better time to refresh, renew and restore. Our world looks different overall and how we navigate our life both personally and professionally has shifted – focusing on our visual presentation, which is key to our branding is more important now than ever before. With changes towards our overall ecosystem, the workplace, home, social outings, the norm of these all look drastically different today. How we convey our personal message in all aspects of our life is a key factor in our success. It is time to re-evaluate and enhance – re-work your current wardrobe, integrate Workleisure for your virtual meetings, define what the trend of the time, Athlesuire, should look like…My goal is to provide you with methods and tools to help you enhance your personal brand with style and ease for all aspects of your life.

Without further adieu, I am thrilled to share my service offerings with all of you for an opportunity to heighten, build-upon, and strengthen your brand. My service menu on my website can be found below a well as on my NEW! Services page here. I invite you to read through and contact me to discuss how we can collaborate to reach your personal brand goals.


Designer, Entrepreneur, Author, and Businesswoman. Fotini has unparalleled knowledge on this platform and provides results in a meaningful and thoughtful way. She brings her insights, authenticity, result-driven, disciplines and pragmatic approach subsequently empowering the client(s). Through listening and understanding the clients’ needs and objectives, together they collaborate in building an attainable and successful plan.


Virtual Closet Cleanse
Refresh, Renew & Restore. Reset in this new landscape, both in your personal and professional life. FOTINI will collaborate with you to enhance you through your wardrobe, with positive and proven results.

  • Assessment of current closet status
  • Review of wardrobe items that can be tailored to achieve the proper fit making them feel brand-new
  • Declutter your space to provide clarity

Virtual Group Cleanse

  • A 60-minute tutorial assisting on how to alleviate some of the challenges you are currently experiencing
  • An information exchange with Fotini where you can ask her questions regarding your current wardrobe, personal brand or even show her pieces and receive her feedback

Individual Consultation

  • Virtual or in-person collaboration – an assessment of your current status, goals, and your vision for future success with those goals
  • Fotini will help you enhance your personal brand which materially improves confidence both in personal and professional areas of your life
  • Learn how to implement and develop methods to assist you with your visual representation, through fashion, style and demeanour
  • Customize a program that is suited for you that can be used throughout the calendar year

FOTINI will provide the disciplines on how to achieve success through an individual’s personal brand to impact the individual and subsequently, the success of the overall business

  • Advise on how to implement and develop a program to enhance personal brand through visual representation and style strategy
  • Discuss how Personal Brand materially improves confidence in both personal and professional areas of one’s life
  • Identify challenging areas and providing solutions to reach one’s goals
  • Advise on steps to reach one’s full potential that will result in overall career success

FOTINI Customized Presentations

  • Speaking engagements and keynotes
  • Virtual seminars
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Small Group Seminars
  • Executive Team Consulting – Group or One-on-one
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