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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

Functional Winter Footwear

Fashion over function? It’s true that many of us, including myself, have chosen fashion over purpose and performance in the name of looking our best.

That is because we likely felt there were limited options – not anymore! So you are not stuck in a fashion dilemma, here is my advice on winter footwear:

Great boots do exist

Fashionable winter boots are not – in the words of Carrie Bradshaw – an “urban shoe myth.” We have choices and yes, they look good too: from the retro snow boot, army or biker boot, heeled boots with traction soles, lace-ups, and rubber-bottomed ankle booties. And chances are, you already have at least one pair of these in the back of your closet but may favor fall boots because of the look. The true issue is in how you “style” your functional winter footwear. The challenge is that we don’t always know how to wear them in a fashionable way. We often see the visual, and inevitably, feel the physical weight of winter boots that tend to make us feel not so “put-together”. Let’s not risk ruining our favorite designer booties with the slush and salt!

Take a fall approach to winter

Think about your winter boots the same way you would your footwear in general. Consider your leg proportion, how to balance the length of your pants, jeans, or leggings with your top so that the boots do not look like they are over-powering your outfit. Keep in mind the length of your coat when choosing a winter boot so it doesn’t look “bulky” and the scale of the overall look is even. For inspiration, look into following stylish women on Instagram who make it a career to conquer the cold, Olivia Palermo is always my go-to.

And, for the love of all cute fall boots, wear proper winter boots when it snows – or the pavement still has salt residue – as we know fall is typically a different season than winter.

Put “joy” in your winter footwear

And while I do appreciate the Marie Kondo approach with keeping clothes that bring you joy – sometimes you have to put the joy in your functional winter footwear yourself. It starts by styling them in a way that makes you feel good. First, choose a pair of boots with the basic and neutral colors to start – black, camel, brown, winter white, navy. It’ll make it easier to edit your winter look. Think about what’s in your closet and choose wisely so you can wear with most of your winter looks and outfits.  And, finally, use this checklist. It will ensure that you walk with style, instead of falling on your pretty face. Not all of us can recover from a topple like Naomi Campbell on the runway.

  • Consider safety first – good traction/rubber soles
  • No unsealed seams for cold air to come through… brrrr
  • Waterproof
  • Warm and fuzzy lining
  • Laces you can tie and untie with gloves on
  • The right fit and size – make sure they are not too tight or your foot will get cold – not too big because you can trip – consider thermal insoles – consider wearing them with warm socks
  • Easy to put on and take off

With the right choices, even in the frigid weather, you will never have to sacrifice fashion over function. You can have the best of both worlds!

fotini xoxo

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