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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

Transitioning Summer Footwear to Autumn

The sun has begun to set earlier and the temperatures have become inconsistent bringing that cooler feel especially in the early mornings and evenings. Is it already that time of year??

We may be looking forward to that change of seasons as we enter Autumn, but we are not necessarily ready to say goodbye, or rather, see you next summer to some of our favorite summer footwear.  Toes in the sand, sliding on flats or sandals with a fresh pedicure – nothing shouts summer more than sporting shorts (see last week’s blog here).

With the heatwaves passing and the cooler temperatures setting in, it is time to start thinking about transitioning and reorganizing our closet.  Beginning with our footwear is always a great first step – pardon the pun!

Many of you already know that I am an edit and de-clutter enthusiast, quite frankly it just makes life easier and alleviates some of that pressure we feel entering our closet.  It allows us to focus on the demanding to-do’s of our daily schedules.  The goal is to be more efficient and stress-free, something I am a huge advocate for.

Think of what your schedule looks like – errands, school drop-offs (for some), perhaps you have re-entered the office, etc. Whatever is in your calendar it is important to structure your closet for what suits your lifestyle.  From your most wearable pairs or your daily go-to picks, as the most convenient to reach, to placing your investment pieces on the higher shelves beautifully displayed for those special events as sporadic as they may be – accessibility is key!

Here are some styles I recommend keeping handy as we transition into fall.  Paired with the right pant or a sweaterdress layered with a jacket you will be able to get a little extra wear!

Backless Loafers


Open-toe Bootie


Strappy Sandal



I hope this gives you some inspiration – don’t procrastinate, get to it!  I am here for any questions or assistance you may need in the reorganization department.

Always a little trick that helps me, try to keep in mind fabrics or skins (faux or not) when going through this exercise. Suede, leather, or faux always keep your precious feet warm with cooler and rainy months ahead. Cut-outs will allow your feet to breathe, but too many will give that chill no one wants. Black, navy, warm neutral tones and bold colours can transition easily into autumn and the sneaker is the all-time wardrobe staple.

Let’s get as much use out of these footwear options, it will make us feel better when thinking of that investment we made when we purchased them. 😉

fotini xoxo

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