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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

Shop & Organize In A Sensible & Simple Way

Over the years when speaking with my clients, whether it be taking questions on social platforms, during an information exchange at one of my style sessions, or just simply chatting with friends and family members the question that comes up time and time again – “how do I shop and organize in a sensible and simple way?”

We’ve all been there – from procrastinating the “closet cleanse” that has been long overdue, which quickly turns to make us feel overwhelmed every time we approach our closet. Buying items in a panic when we subconsciously know we probably won’t wear these pieces more than a few times. To shotgunning our purchases and in turn, making the wrong decisions on what to invest in. 

We are all guilty of it, not to worry! 

Here are 7 purposeful solutions to take away some of that stress. 

Examine carefully your existing wardrobe.

During COVID we have forgotten about certain garments that we own due to the lack of occasions we once gallivanted to or even our daily trips to the office. During this time of change, we have no need to wear many pieces that used to be daily essentials, due to our new landscape.

 With the changes in our lives, rediscover some great pieces that could serve you perfectly for the time being such as staples that are and will always be in style and current – I wrote an article a while back on “edit & declutter”  I cannot express the importance of this exercise – let’s call it prevention from some bad choices!

Realistic & Honest 

After the audit of the closet, it’s time to get real! Think to yourself, have I worn this piece in the last couple of years? Since living in this new reality…if you haven’t worn it by now, chances are that you probably won’t be wearing it anytime soon. Letting these items go that no longer serve you could bring others huge service. Try donating to great causes or passing it to a friend or family member – you’ll feel better in more ways than you may think. 

 Does it fit?  Holding on to a piece in hopes of fitting into it again is not uncommon especially if it is one that we have invested in. If after that 24 month period you haven’t worn it move on and this will help you declutter.

 Re-evaluate Your Current Wardrobe

Hmm, something doesn’t quite fit, right? Hanging poorly off our body? I am here to remind you that a seamstress/tailor could be the savior that you are looking for!

 Prewarning, do not get carried away! It is important to get a quote for what the alterations may cost and make the decision whether it is worth the investment. Perhaps it is a beautiful coat that needs some tweaking, tapering the leg of the denim or letting the waist out of a garment.  Don’t discard what may be an easy fix of some of your valuable items (read How A Seamstress/ Tailor Can Transform Your Wardrobe article here).

Uniform Dressing

This form of dressing is simple, stress-free, and yes, stylish!  The key to this approach of dressing is understanding what suits you versus the runway garments we see on models or those who we admire. 

Dress for you and only you – if jeans and t-shirt is your go-to look perhaps selecting 2-3 types of tones/washes for your denim to suit casual, professional or dressy will be the winning choice every time. With t-shirts it is the same approach from elevated and polished to a more street style look – the wonderful thing about uniform dressing is you can mix-it-up with every piece you have invested in. 

Beware of costly shopping and the unbelievable bargain

“Click and add to shopping cart”…we are all very familiar! It is so easy and yet can turn out to be very costly with one simple click when shopping online. Sometimes we’re bored, other times we dislike everything we own and want an entirely new look and feel we should “invest” in all pieces, at once! Think twice about the pieces you want to invest in, those that have longevity, and are timeless that are interchangeable with other pieces in your closet. 

The flip side to this is “it was a bargain – I couldn’t resist”.  Sometimes, it’s the price, other times it’s the piece that looks like it would fit in our wardrobe, but deep down we know it won’t – but it was a great price – disclaimer, don’t do it!!!

Think Versatile

Impulse shopping! Especially now that we are slowly moving into these next phases, we have started to mindfully socialize in-person which has to lead us back into our old ways of purchasing an item for certain occasions. It may seem like a good idea at the moment, but you will quickly regret and so will your credit card and closet space! 

Always think simple, chic, and classic – with the right accessories you can bring-in the on-trend look with a colour or fabric without breaking the bank on a piece that will never be worn again.

Capsule Wardrobe

Voila! The forever sensible decision. This is what I try to tackle right-away when I meet with a client. Making realistic and sensible decisions for your wardrobe allows you to build around each piece to achieve multiple looks for all occasions. 

We may dream of the endless closet with countless options, but the secret is you don’t need all that to accomplish the perfect wardrobe. Looking after our clothes is key to their lifespan (read my Why The Trusted Dry Cleaner Is Essential In Our Wardrobe Lives here). Some easy tips on building a capsule wardrobe can be found here (read 9 Steps to Building a Stress – Free Capsule Wardrobe here). 

Always be the fabulous you – this is the most important piece of advice I can give. Being authentic, which we often hear these days, is of the utmost importance to developing your personal brand.  This in turn builds confidence and results in success -through your visual representation, your message is clear, concise, while keeping you stylish!

fotini xoxo

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