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Enjoy, Indulge, and Take Care of Your Skin!

When the alarm goes off in the morning and we get ready for our day, we must not only put in the time, effort, and thought into our outfit and make-up, let’s call it the exterior… we must also exert the same amount of time, effort and thought into the base – our skincare routine! Think of your skin as your canvas for the day, it is the foundation to our exterior and is an important part of how we represent ourselves, especially in this virtual world which is zooming in on our waist up!  

This all said, we more often than not forget about the attention our skin needs…and deserves! We have all had nights where we are too tired to take off our make-up, or rather in today’s circumstances, as many of us are not wearing make-up, too lazy to wash our face before we go to bed at night. Since skin is the human body’s largest organ –  it is crucial that we take care of what lies beneath the exterior as it’s well-being is important to our health, overall mood, and appearance.

If you don’t have a skincare regime, here are steps that I recommend adding to your routine for healthy, happy, and glowing skin.

 Body Washes & Oils

Always keep in mind the skin barrier, although it is important to wash your skin, be mindful of not overdoing it to the point where you dry your skin out. Select a fragrance (or fragrance-free since scent isn’t for everyone!) wash that will invigorate you to feel fresh. Do you prefer a shower or a bath? Either or, take this time for YOU, make it a luxury to relax and take a breath. Add in some aromatherapy oils, creamy yet moisturizing body washes, some have built-in relaxants for those sore joints or opt for a simple cleansing option – really, whatever suits you and your body and/or mind best, indulge! 


SPF is important all year round and paired with moisturizer, this duo should always be the utmost importance in your routine, summer or not! Today there are options that combine the two to make it one simple step, typically an SPF 30 and above is necessary for that combination, otherwise, you may choose to layer the products individually, with the moisturizer being first! Often a choice for many is a tinted SPF to give you a sun-kissed look while working to protect your beautiful skin! If you are unsure a dermatologist’s advice is always best – our skin’s protection is key to looking healthy with a natural glow. 


Exfoliation is what keeps us glowing! It unclogs and cleanses our pores, and accelerates circulation while making our skin soft, smooth, and refines the overall tone. This is a routine for both our face and body, there is a selection of body scrubs that actually have built-in moisturizers or you can select an exfoliant specific handheld product such as brushes, electronic devices, or hand-covered mitten.


An absolute must….always! Our face and body requires moisturization, no matter what season we are in. As we are in the midst of the summer, opt for a light-weight moisturizer so that you don’t feel that “greasy, clogged pores” effect.  This may not be the case for everyone as some moisturizers work perfectly throughout the year. We all have different skin types so find a moisturizer that works for you. Some may feel that too heavy of a product will irritate the skin and cause an acne outbreak, if that’s the case choose an oil-free product. But as I always will say for any and all skincare needs, consult a dermatologist or a professional beauty consultant if you need assistance finding the right product for your skin type.  The key is to use what works for you, your radiant skin deserves some love!

Drink water

This is simple – drink water, water is your friend (always will be!) as one health and wellness professional told me – just do it!

Lip protection

Our lips are often overlooked. Like the rest of our face, sun damage can chap and cause unnecessary discomfort which can be painful. Be diligent about protecting this sensitive area – although we are protecting ourselves and others by wearing masks these days do not neglect your lips!  

Enjoy, indulge, and take care of yourself – that includes your skin! 

fotini xoxo

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