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Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Restore, Regain and Recover

As we resurface from what feels like confinement due to Coronavirus what does our new normal look like? How do we approach these next phases as we continue to carry on with both the professional and personal demands of our schedules? 

Restore, regain, and recover. 

These three words seem to be key factors in moving ahead as we rebuild our future day by day. With restrictions and new protocols to adhere to, our reality is much different than it was six months ago. We are forced to adapt to this new society to ensure that we stay on track for our own growth and development as the world continues to spin and evolve in the midst of this pandemic. 

As we (6-feet apart) step into this reality, a degree of flexibility will be necessary for everyone to get over these hurdles ahead. Here are some steps that can assist you as we continue on in our new way of life.

Schedule and Discipline 

Often these two areas are brought forward when raising children and how they are both exercised in tandem for development. This is true for adults as well – when we are thrown off of our daily routine, which happens often in the course of life, things happen which lead us to feel helpless and frustrated to the point where we are about to “throw in the towel,” so to speak. 

This said, continuing to stay focused on keeping your schedule is the best way to hold yourself accountable while allowing you to feel accomplished with what you set out to do. A balance of professional focus, while spending much needed time with family and friends are of course the key to YOUR success, with the most important being…time for you!

Dress For Success

Dress For Success, a phrase that was typically used for business, can now be applied in all aspects of our life. It’s always important to dress appropriately, even if it is for our virtual meetings with our business colleagues on our living room couch.

Dressing well, taking care of ourselves, and attention to our visual representation translates to confidence resulting in success – even through a computer screen! It’s more about style, which is how you put yourself together and putting in that extra effort to look and feel your best. In short, style brings confidence and success. 

Although our new normal does not portray the “dress for success” office edition, it is a life choice that we should keep in mind no matter where we are or who we are interacting with, whether it be leisure or professional, virtual, or at a safe 6-feet distance. 


More so than ever the relevance of wellness as part of our lives is key to keeping us healthy and sane! From mental health to nutrition and fitness, it’s all important. This isolation period we have endured has taken a toll on all of these areas seeing as our routines have changed.  Here are a few wellness pointers (…call me a wellness junkie, my team does!): 

  • Eating well and a balanced diet does not mean eating less at any given time, it means eating nutritious food that is good for you.
  • Fitness can be as simple as going for a daily walk for 20-30 minutes – with so many online classes offered by professionals this can be a great motivation to stay fit.
  • Never underestimate the power of nature! Being outside which for me is a personal favourite, allows you to connect in different ways with ourselves and mental well-being.

Although it can be trying to feel grateful right now a mind-cleanse or some soul searching can be just what you need whether it be meditation, yoga, or whatever feels good for you! 

Band Together

There is always room in your day to reach out to your loved ones, both family and friends.  At times these are the relationships that need the most nourishment and effort to continue their growth.

If you haven’t heard from someone in a while, don’t wait until they get back to you – check in on them, even if it is just for a simple laugh. Share and listen to what is going on in their life, be mindful and respectful as you would like to be heard. 

Connection is everything and seeing we are somewhat limited these days it has put things into perspective as to what is really important in our lives…human connection. 

Positive Outlook

This is perhaps the most difficult one to practice with the series of events that are taking place globally. I speak personally but also bear in mind the feedback I’ve received from colleagues, friends, and family. 

Our perspective has changed and these times have given us some really important things to think about – it’s been a reality check, to say the least! It has raised the questions, what is truly important, how much do we really need to be happy….perhaps it has opened up our eyes to what is NOT working for us anymore, resulting in making the necessary changes to remove oneself from a challenging or complicated situation. This time has allowed us to reconnect with those we love while making the time to do what we love – family game night, home-cooked meals, helping a friend, decluttering the house…the important and satisfying things. 

My expertise lies in the area of fashion, design, and lifestyle, but I truly believe the importance of these areas in our lives encompasses and establishes our overall success. I discuss closet cleanses and decluttering along with defining your personal brand and as we navigate our new path the significance of defining our personal brand is an overall necessity. It is time to clean out the negativity and declutter anything that is not serving us well to remain focused, flexible, and to visualize our future with better days ahead.

fotini xoxo

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