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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

Fashion & Beauty Don'ts

As we enter into phase 2 of reopening, let us not forget these fashion and beauty don’ts!

Honestly speaking, we have been isolated for well over three months and with that comes a lack of maintenance – haircuts, manicures, pedicures, eyebrows, etc.. Our beauty and dressing routines are simply off, to say the least, and the reality is, it has been hard to stay motivated.

As we reconvene and socialize, at a safe distance of course, whether it be at a backyard BBQ or recently opened patio, there are fashion and beauty don’ts that we must always steer clear of to avoid any fashion faux-pas!


Pencil Thin Eyebrows

As victims of the ’80s, we had the excessive need to over-pluck – gone are those days! The easiest solution is to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in and shape your eyebrows. I would recommend speaking with a professional and testing different shades so it compliments your skin tone and overall look. Stay away from a very dark shade of a pencil as filler as it can look too harsh.

There are other points to keep in mind – hair and eye colour – an arch, but not overextended…you don’t want to look angry! Consult with a specialist and together find what makes you most comfortable.

Another option, of course, is micro-blading, but this is a more permanent decision and one that needs to be discussed with a professional about the pros and cons.

Extra Long Bedazzled Nails or Air Brush French Manicure

Especially now more than ever hygiene and keeping our hands clean is crucial (even before COVID 19, this was essential). Dirt and bacteria are built up underneath our nails, not to mention it is hard to go about our day to day activities.

Like the Juicy Couture sweatsuit that Regina George’s mom wore it is time to put this look to bed! As for the Air Brush French Manicure, the ship has sailed on that as well. If you’re looking for a clean and fresh look there are beautiful shades available that can give you that result.

Visible Underwear

This is never a good option. We saw on runways several seasons ago gowns and dresses with see-through tulle skirts and panties showing beneath. Although we may work hard to keep our physique fit and healthy and are proud of our accomplishments, this is not the way to go about showing off your figure. There are other occasions and outfits to display your hard work and earned figures that are more appropriate.

At the top of the list of fashion faux-pas – a visible thong above the waistline of pants. If these are rising up, consider your bottoms size and fit, whether it is shorts, jeans or pants! With all the fabulous choices of undergarments, there is no reason for panty lines either.

Tank Tops and Bra Straps

Remember the layered tank top look? As this trend has thankfully had its time, we still love and truly rely on one of the trusted wardrobe staples – the tank top. This choice can be tricky in that finding the right undergarment to give you that smooth seamless look is key.

Consult with a lingerie/undergarment professional and try on different bras so that you can attain an elegant and polished look. Whichever way you choose to wear this staple, be sure to pair the tank top with appropriate and hidden undergarments as visible bra straps can look messy.

If you are comfortable going braless an option is to use nipple covers that come in a adhesive paper form or silicone and easily found at most drugstores.

Over teased Hair

Big hair, don’t care!!! I love this hair inspiration and it continues to be legendary, but there are certainly better ways to wear voluminous hair in this day and age.

Speak with your hairstylist and they will be able to assist. Teasing your hair is not a NO NO it is about learning how to do it in the current times – proper layering and the right products.

Heavy Foundation and Contouring

Being heavy-handed with either of these products can result in a look you do not want. It can look “caked-on” and I would highly recommend you speak with a professional especially about the tone of the foundation and how to apply contouring products which is best suited to you and your skin colour. Makeup should enhance you while being and looking effortless rather than drastic and unrealistic.

As we embark into the new normal let’s try to keep these tips in mind – stay safe, stylish and fashion faux pas free.


xoxo Fotini

fotini xoxo

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