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Personal Growth

Personal Growth

A note to my community

Dear Followers,

I paused my social channels last week.

My pause was intentional. It was in solidarity and support, to provide space for marginalized voices to be front and centre.

A critical part of the Black Lives Matter movement is around taking accountability, learning, and finding ways to move forward with equity and consciousness at the forefront.

So from that standpoint, I recognize that I am late to the work that needs to be done, but it is never too late to acknowledge any unknowing harm caused and begin the work towards a more proactive, conscious future.

Things need to change.

I am committed to genuine change and much needed reparation.

As part of my commitment to anti-racism I will:

– Continue to listen and learn daily and change accordingly.

– Make space on all my platforms to uplift and support marginalized voices, with specific attention to my industry.

– Commit to practicing anti-racism as part of my own and my team’s values and integrate this into all we say and do.

– And there is likely more which will evolve as I listen and learn. I will share as we continue this learning and growth.

This is a commitment I am making.

We cannot continue the way we were before.

This commitment is neither momentary or fleeting but rather a commitment to a human way of living.

fotini xoxo

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