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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

Captivating Springtime Fragrances

Anyone who knows me knows my passion for fragrance.

From its allure, intrigue and mysteriousness a fragrance can captivate one to thinking they are part of a Fellini movie!

For me, it is part of my DNA.

It is as essential to my story and very being as it is to my personal brand.

I am very proud to say that perfume was first used by the Egyptians which is part of my paternal heritage.

That said, perfumes are rooted in our collective history. Their use in rituals has ranged from cleansing and religious ceremonies  to showcasing wealth and power.  There is a plethora of information around the history of fragrance and how it has evolved throughout the world and it is as varied and interesting as the product itself.

It was my dad who first introduced me to the power of fragrance. He gifted me with an ancient perfume bottle from Egypt and so began my love affair not only with beautiful bottles but the magical scents they enclosed.

With the spring season upon us and summer just around the corner there are endless fragrance choices.

The wonderful thing about fragrance is that it is extremely personal.

Add to the individuality is the multitude of format options from oils and creams to body balms and even waters.

I like to change my fragrance for the fall/winter season from the spring/summer scents.  I also tend to gravitate to a more powerful scent no matter what the season. And, I prefer masculine scents.

The amazing thing about the world of scents today is that there are countless incredible choices and many are unisex so they can be enjoyed by everyone!

While living in this current state of isolation those extra “little somethings” make all the difference.

A light spray of your favourite scent, that bubble bath that leaves you refreshed or that sensual shower gel that reminds you of your special vacation destination can make all the difference in your day.

Below are some lovely spring/summer options – I could list pages upon pages, but I won’t (!) below is a small list.

Gardenia by Chanel

Vetiver & Vanilla by Jo Malone

Millesime Imperial by Creed

Royal Water by Creed

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes

Eau de Citron Noir by Hermes

Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford

Maison Margiela “Beach Walk” Replica

Aerin Amber Musk

Clive Christian 1872

From Love’s Baby Soft to White Shoulders to my first “grown up” fragrance Chanel No. 19 those were the first scents I experimented with.

This is a world I love and believe one everyone should explore.

Think of your personality, test before purchasing, but invest a little extra in your choice – the more pure the ingredients the brand chooses the better the end result.

Have some fun and perhaps step out of your comfort zone!


fotini xoxo

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