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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

April Showers Bring May Flowers

This is one of the most transformational times of the year. We watch the buds on trees start to bloom, the birds return from the South and the rain washes away the snow while cleansing the earth.

Spring is the season that promises the light at the end of the long winter tunnel and leads us to the delights of summer (my favourite season). However, this spring while the challenges of the pandemic abound, so too have our weather patterns. The shifts have been dramatic from beautiful sun, to snow, to rain, to gale force winds all in the span of 30 minutes – Crazy!

Uncertain if and when we will be able to partake in outdoor events we need to embrace the days we are in and enjoy these April rain and snow showers – while we pray for May flowers. We still have errands to run (in a mindful way), and we need to get out for a walk while social distancing for our mental health or to play with our family in the backyard to keep the kids happy and healthy.

Driven by the need to get out of the house, I have been braving whatever weather presents itself so that I keep moving. In an effort to stop myself from going ‘stir crazy’ I have been making an effort to spice up my outfits before I venture outside. We need something to add some frivolity and lightness to our days right now, and clothes are the easiest way to do that and impact our mood.

Assuming I’m not alone, I thought I’d share some great options to mix and match. From casual too polished and chic, these pieces can work for a wide range of looks. Have some fun with colours and silhouettes.

The Trench Coat

A classic must have! This is an essential piece of one’s wardrobe and many of them come with a removable lining for the cooler months.

Rain Jacket

This is a staple for those windy, rainstorm kind of days. While keeping you dry and warm you can still look on trend.

Wellies, Rain Boots

I always say give your feet all the love! They take you through the entire day to multiple locations and typically never let you down. Keep them warm, toasty and fashionable.

Tote or Backpack

Keep in mind weatherproof when selecting what bag accessory you choose to carry on these days! There are several options that can work, choose based on the weather and keeping yourself organized.

Rain Friendly Sneakers

I know I love to wear sneakers when going about my day, that being said during challenging weather conditions we need to stay mindful that we do not ruin our little investment. Weatherproof!!!

Rain Hat

While many jacket/coat selections have a hood this can be a fun accessory.

The Trusted Umbrella

Yes, I will say this again – weatherproof, but reliable. You’ll want to invest in an umbrella that can withstand rain, wind or even hail as we have been known to have multiple seasons in one day/month.

We don’t have to think of this attire as dreary and dark in fact think of it the opposite way and make it more playful and interesting, it will instantly perk up your mood! After all, we are never too old to jump in puddles…are we?!


fotini xoxo

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