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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

Dress For Success - At Home

Globally we are all aware of this pandemic and its unprecedented impact on our daily lives.

The challenges abound as we have been torn away from our routines and are juggling to the ever increasing changes in how we live, work and connect.

We are all doing our best to uphold all our responsibilities and obligations. At one time many  of us considered working from home a perk and now it seems as though it is a hardship due to the strict confinement and reduced autonomy.

Adjusting to this new way of living and working is obviously causing some stress and frustration. It’s also making many of us reduce our focus on self care and how we present ourselves given we can literally stay in bed and pull our computers on to our laps and begin our work day.

While we easily rationalize, “nobody is going to see me?” – “I’m too busy to worry about how I look” –  “my productivity will not be affected by my appearance” – that is not a healthy way of thinking.

To lead healthy productive lives we need to take care of ourselves and put our best foot forward every day. We actually need to impress ourselves first!

This means that we need to get up and get going in attire that is fresh, clean and not what we slept in!

Our self care and wardrobe serves as a reminder that we still need to be healthy and productive especially during this time and while working from home.

Why not shop your closet with a fresh perspective, have some fun mixing pieces. Replace the dress pant from the suit you own and pair the blazer with a chic athleisure pant – still professional for the video conference but comfortable too!


 Here are 7 ideas to inspire you 


The Sweatsuit 

A current way to dress especially for the home office environment.  While maintaining a polished look and pair with some great accessories this is a winning choice.


Athleisure Pant and Sweater

Nothing feels more cozy than a cashmere or wool sweater, paired with an athleisure pant you have an instant street style look and I’ll bet you already have these pieces in your closet.


Denim and Crisp Shirt

A personal favourite look and one that is timeless.


Leggings and Cardigan

Perfect for running out for your essential shopping during this time and for your next video conference call.



Another favourite – not sure how you could ever go wrong with this choice. Just keep in mind that you are able toget in and out of it easily for those necessary moments.


The Blazer, Blouse & Dressy Sweatpants

Professional and comfortable – enough said!


The Waist Up Blouse 

A new term coined at this time of self isolation when we need to present ourselves in a mindful way during that video conference meeting.  This is perfect for that extra little something – “the icing on the cake”.

As little side notes:

Think accessories for your hair, whether it is a ribbon, fashionable clip or a headband.

If you’re pulling up a high ponytail or a topknot these options can add a little extra for a finishing touch.

Wear your favourite earrings and necklace.

Footwear at home can be more interesting – wear some fun socks with your slippers or add some fresh sneakers.

Take care of that beautiful face – do not neglect your routine because you are at home. A little concealer, a blush tone of your choice that suits you, some mascara and a nude lip voila!  If you’re daring, choose a bold lip for the day.

We may be working from home, but remember always be the best version of yourself, confidence and success will follow!

fotini xoxo

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