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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

The Value of Having a Well-Edited Closet

I’ve always loved closets. Even as a little girl, I would spend hours sitting in my closet gathering up my favorite dolls and creating a play space amid the clothes.  It felt comforting and safe – my own little world.  It was also where the seeds of my fashion-designer dreams were planted.

Throughout my career and even now, my closet continues to be a very comforting place for me.  No matter where I have lived – with large closets and very small closets – I’ve made sure to curate the space to be a place of my own.

Your closet should be your sanctuary.  You shouldn’t dread at the thought of going in there.  Your closet is where you choose your looks for all of life’s events.  From family gatherings, job interviews, dinner parties and more.  But if that power to choose and to create makes you feel pressured, it’s time to re-think your closet.  Below are some of my steps for tackling your closet woes:

Edit and De-clutter

  • Pack away seasonal items. For spring/summer, store the fall/winter items until the season(s) returns.  For example, the heavier wool pieces, as well as other warm layers, such as knits, faux fur, the “puffy”coat to name a few.
  • Time to say good-bye. If you haven’t worn something in at least two seasons chances are you won’t the next one either.  If worn down it is time to re-cycle it otherwise find your favorite charity or cause and donate.
  • Make a “fix-it” pile. Finally get those missing buttons sewn on that shirt, get those pants hemmed and that skirt zipper fixed.  You want to wear these items!

Focus on the Essentials

Ask yourself these questions to determine if an item is an “essential”:

  • Is this piece(s) versatile? Can I wear it more than one way and for different occasions – work, day to evening, on the weekend?
  • Do you feel confident? This means it should fit well, you shouldn’t have to think about the items when wearing them.  Otherwise it is time to rethink if this item is an essential.
  • Timeless style? Whether it is pearl studs, a tailored jacket or a classic pump these pieces will keep you coming back and always looking your best.
  • All seasons? Think of colors when selecting essentials, the little black dress, nude flats, oyster colored tote.  All season fabrics are also important, light-weight wools/cashmere, silks, cotton.  These colors and fabrics are transferable from season to season.  Make it easy for yourself!

Get Organized

  • Closet essentials. Matching hangers.  The price point is not the issue, you can purchase from the dollar store, Bed Bath & Beyond to custom made – whatever suits your budget.  When things are more appealing to the eye we don’t run away from our goal – which is to be able to identify the garments in front of you.  Hooks for belts and bags are a big help.  Storage baskets for the different colored socks –you don’t need to be mixing navy, black and brown.
  • Fold or Hang. To maximize space in the closet hang the essentials – silk shirts, dress pants, but fold the denim and the sweaters.  You don’t want the hangers ends to mould your sweaters in the shoulder area.
  • Pair your shoes. Place into groups.  Everyday sandals, stylish runners, pumps, evening shoes and gym shoes.  Anything to save time and not bring additional stress to your day is a bonus.
  • Organize your clothes by color and garment type. White underpinnings, black blouses, navy blue pants, all denim should be stored together.  If you have 4 black dresses start by light weight to heavier so they are not mixed in together.  If you’re really inspired plan ahead the next day’s outfit.

Your closet should inspire you, not invoke fear.  And with a few of these simple steps, you will be on your way to closet (and wardrobe) heaven!

fotini xoxo

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