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Fashion & Style

Considering Shapewear for Your Wardrobe

Fashion is ever-changing, but what remains a constant is the reality of our bodies and how we choose to wear our wardrobe.  And some of the most distinctive fashion necessities begin simply by enhancing our frame and silhouette in a form we find most appealing for ourselves. 

This is the case with shapewear—an undergarment designed to support and in many cases, complement our body shape for the purpose of feeling more comfortable with some of the challenging areas of our bodies—of we which all have.

A notable example of this new product offering is Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS. The company’s website notes that SKIMS was conceived as Kim had become frustrated with the lack of options in the shapewear space, unable to offer the right support, coverage. 

I applaud her commitment to providing new models and silhouettes of shapewear previously unavailable to women. It is a refreshing outlook that all fashion companies should adopt in an effort to be more inclusive and celebrate the amazing variety of figures and body types so many incredible women have. 

When recommending shapewear for any woman looking to express herself authentically and elevate her brand with a transformational undergarment, I urge you to keep in mind the fabric. Comfort is essential with any type of shapewear—and the fabric is the key element in ensuring a comfortable fit. So, when making a purchase, be sure to speak with a store or online customer consultant.

Below are a few shapewear options that are worthy contributions to any 2020 collection. Explore, examine, but most of all consider what works best for you and your brand.

Smoothing Shorts (regular or high-waist)

This piece essentially is a multi-purpose item. Whether you are choosing a hi-waist version or the regular waist make sure to consider the waistband so it stays in place. With most shapewear pieces there is a variety of firmness from light-weight to extra firm. So when you are trying these pieces on, consider how long you will be wearing them and ALWAYS keep comfort in mind.

Back Smoothing Bra

I have heard this as a challenge from many women—“how do I conceal the problem area of my back so that it looks smooth?” This piece also provides great support and shape overall, especially with more fitted items in your wardrobe. It could be the one piece that serves as a seasonal staple.


The bodysuit comes in many variations with adjustable straps from strapless, to criss-cross back, and plunging front and back options. The key to this piece is to ensure that the straps do not “dig” into your skin giving that unpolished look.  

Trouser Shapewear

A trouser shapewear product provides a smoothing effect in all areas, from the buttocks, thighs, tummy, right down to above the ankle. A great option when wearing lighter weight fabrics or light colors. It is important here to try on with an item from your wardrobe that you feel you need help with. 

Briefs or Thong

A great staple and choice for support in the tummy and buttocks when you are choosing a full brief option. With a thong, it may be more the support on the midsection—like any item that may have a strap or seams, be mindful that it is not too tight. If it is, you can always choose a seamless option.


Options are endless with the slip. You have the open-bust slip, the dress slip which is a little less fitted and more for the smooth effect or the strapless version. For some, this feels less constricted than a bodysuit, and if that contributes to your confidence levels, then do take it into account.  

This shapewear revolution is a choice. For many, it serves as a little extra to give that finished and polished look. And remember, our undergarments are the foundation of our dressing. We could say it is a first step to achieving the best visual representation. But, if you have any doubts or concerns, it is very important to speak to a professional that can show you different options and introduce you to the pieces perfect for you.  

Remember it is always about you and your comfort. Confidence comes from within and when dressing, it is no different. Be mindful to take that first step. You’ll be happy and proud that you did. 

fotini xoxo

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