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Timeless Classics to Help You Define Your Style

When I was traveling from Los Angeles last week I happened to come upon the movie Coco Avant Chanel starring Audrey Tatou. It’s a biographical film released in 2009, which was, in my opinion, brilliant for several reasons in its attempts to capture the real Gabrielle Bonheur (the name “Coco” was earned during her numerous performances in saloons, often singing, “Who Has Seen Coco?”).

It was upon seeing this film and reflecting on Coco Chanel’s extraordinary life and career, that I became inspired by her effortless ability to separate herself in a unique and elegant way that was both profound and timeless—ensuring her look and style would survive any era and live in perpetuity. She had identified her personal brand and carried herself with immense confidence.

Coco was unique and dressed in a minimal way. She was more masculine in her approach to fashion and design. During the decadence of the 1920s, women were in glitter and florals, overtly tight corsets, and, more or less, were indistinguishable from one another at parties or functions. But Coco was ahead of her time and, although I’m not necessarily saying that I loved all of her designs, she developed a brand that stood out. She was an innovator in fashion and a role model for women of our contemporary times, giving us the freedom to build authentic styles and cultivate our own identities. 

Below are a collection of timeless classics that represent more than just fashion choices, they are pieces that serve as an extension of who you are and how you want to present yourself to the world. 

Ever-Lasting Little Black Dress

Every woman needs a well-fitting black dress that she can wear for any occasion. The little black dress is a classic piece that flatters every body type and personality. Of course, you can never go wrong with black but you can certainly play with some different colors or tones for this classic silhouette (why not LWD?). It is chic and effortlessly elegant. Its magic lies in its simplicity. 

A Tailored Trouser Suit

A well-tailored trouser suit is an essential ensemble to have on-hand for those special, more formal occasions. These items can be worn together or as separates, expanding the versatility of this selection giving you even more freedom. The inseams must feel comfortable; the waist size should not feel tight, and finding the right fit around your posterior is key. When we are comfortable in the clothes we wear, we exude confidence!

Monogrammed Shirt or Sweater for Any Mood

A monogrammed shirt or sweater is truly a piece for the ages. Its ability to make use of simple or complicated patterns allows you to truly create any type of look to match your mood. Comfortable, well-made, and easy, this is one that Coco would be proud of because it lets you dictate your terms of fashion success. 

Quilted Stitched Handbag for Accessorizing

Quality material is key here. When stuffing the cloth and sewing it into delicate diagonal patterns, the leather (or even cotton) being used must be up to the task of repeated use. Once you’ve found a practical, stitched handbag, it is then incumbent upon you to choose colors and designs that match your artistic flair. Your wardrobe will thank you for such a wonderful accessory.

A Simple Pair Ballet Flats

Inspired by a ballet shoe, this flat is designed as a comfortable alternative to high heels and has the unique ability to double as casual wear and formal wear, granting you the opportunity to stand out in any scene and feeling relaxed and confident while doing it. Two-toned and simple, this piece will remain a staple for years to come. 

The Perfect Pocket Square

One of my favorite all-time looks is the modern power suit. The simplicity of the suit is what exudes power but when accessorizing such a strong look it can sometimes call for that one special item – the pocket square is the piece, both timeless and classic, to add a bit of personality to your more formal-wear looks. 

All of these pieces have endured in the cyclical nature of fashion and remained unscathed—and there’s no sign of that changing any time soon. Each of the categories above offers a classic addition to any modern wardrobe but, more importantly, this collection provides a chance to develop and further your brand. To let you grow amongst the fluctuation of fashion trends. 

None of us are Coco Chanel—but that is the point. To be an individual, to stand out and use fashion as a vehicle for expressing yourself is everything. It is why I chose to work in this business: to help women everywhere promote their personality and allow them to feel confident doing it. 

fotini xoxo

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