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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

The Bold and Bountiful Blazer

In these modern times, at the beginning of a new decade, fashion trends remain an ever-refreshing element in our lives, allowing us to adapt and introduce new styles into our wardrobe on a seasonal basis.

And, as we exit award season, one look has stayed front-of-mind and continues to impress me each and every day—the always appropriate and authentic blazer. Smart, versatile, and not to mention modest in price, the blazer has provided us in the fashion world with on-going inspiration, allowing those in my line of work to plug-and-play with, what should be, a staple of any sensible collection. 

It is distinguished but humble. Classy yet comfortable. Affordable and durable. The blazer can do it all and, all the while, adapting to any combination that fits your personality and exemplifies your authenticity and personal brand. 

To help you take part in this seasonal (but constant) trend, I’ve put together a collection of combinations that will let you mix and match what works best for you and your style while always promoting your best self. Enjoy.

A Bold Blazer with Denim

This is a practical look—one that allows ease of movement for an ever-comfortable feel. It’s simple and easy but also affords you the freedom to explore different color palettes. Consider a gray blazer to accent whatever gradient of blue denim you like best. You won’t regret it. 

Classic Cut Blazer with a Dress

Unlike a bulky blazer, a well-fitted blazer can work hand-in-hand with the right dress and is perfect for any occasion—day or night. The best style here is a classic tuxedo-cut and can serve as a wonderful statement piece to add to any collection for easy style at a moment’s notice. 

Playful Plaid Blazer

This choice goes beyond single-style usage. A plaid blazer, whether plus-size or cropped, works for whatever you have in mind. Be conscious of the plaid pattern, of course, but however you wear it, this layered look will keep you looking classy and just the right amount of casual. 

The (No Longer Boxy) Boyfriend Blazer

There was a time when you truly had to rely on men’s clothing for this choice but, thankfully, the fashion industry has developed the oversized fits you want, but tailored to suit the female form. Ever versatile, this pick gives you countless options for any season and any climate, which means wool for now and cotton for spring and summer. 

A Professional Power Suit

Who said you couldn’t be stylish and professional? The power suit exudes total confidence while also showcasing that chic office-ready look that completely commands respect. Dress for the weather but accessorize for yourself, this one is all about authenticity. 

All Black + Tan Blazer

Nothing accents an all-black outfit quite like the look of a tan blazer. It’s cool and confident and adds a subtle bit of class to an already sophisticated look. Enough said. 

A Blazer with Shorts

Spring is on the horizon and the blazer look is unafraid to hang in the heat. It’s a bit unconventional upon first glance but its uncommon presentation is balanced by its playfulness offering a look that is fun and fabulous. Color is everything here so pick a mood and go with it. It’s all about being comfortable in your clothes and this look is all about exuding that kind of cheerfulness.

Whatever you pick, all of these stylish combinations can help you take part in a fun and focused trend that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The blazer is the best of both worlds, providing a casual look with the capability to live on the fun side of life (with the colors to keep up!). No matter the particular outfit, a blazer of some form is a staple of any worthwhile wardrobe and can go a long way in enhancing your already fabulous look. 

Now let’s have some fun!

fotini xoxo

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