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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

The Timeless Accessory That Can Elevate Any Look - The Silk Scarf

As we continue to look for the latest accessory trends to inspire us–seeking out the catwalks and the red carpets, scrambling to listen to every industry experts’ advice and insights–we sometimes forget what possibilities our own wardrobe may offer. And how little effort it may take to express ourselves powerfully. 

The silk scarf is the perfect example. It’s the ideal accessory to enhance your style and elevate your overall brand. Traditionally it has been worn in only very specific ways. I remember my mother using scarves for that extra “pop”; today we are able to wear the silk scarf in many different ways, all of which can make a strong statement.  

Unlike other accessories that serve as a practical addition, like in the case of eyeglasses for correct vision, a silk scarf–luxuriously smooth to the touch and light in weight–is designed solely to complete an outfit. And complete it you will! In all of the many ways you choose to adorn it. 

Better yet, this fabulous piece does not come with a lavish price tag either. There are many options available at any price range, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to incorporate various silk scarves in your wardrobe and, in turn, your brand.    

Here are some of the impressive options in which the silk scarf can be used. Some traditional, some I’d like to bring back to the forefront of fashion. No matter where on the spectrum it lands, it will always be a “timeless accessory.”

The Power of the Pocket Square

As many of you know, one of my favorite all-time looks is the modern power suit and, of course, the tuxedo for a hallmark black-tie event. The simplicity of the suit is what exudes power but when accessorizing such a strong look it can sometimes call for that one special item – the pocket square is “the” piece!

An Elegant Headscarf

Ever so elegant when paired with statement earrings, a silk headscarf is a dreamy, fantasyland look. Its grace and beauty put you in a scene straight from a Fellini movie, driving in a convertible through the winding roads of Monaco, the scarf blowing back effortlessly. We can all dream.

Impromptu Hair Tie

The right silk scarf can actually save you from a bad hair day, I personally can attest to that. It is a realistic way to tackle your, sometimes, challenging hair, especially if you are running late. While not designed with this in mind, a silk scarf, whether you tie it around a beautiful ponytail or braid it through your hair, will remain stunning.

Traditional Neck Scarf

This look never gets old or tiring. It is the epitome of chic and gives you an alternative option to jewelry. Classic, minimal, and always a strong choice to keep in your wardrobe bag of tricks.  

Lively Handbag Accessory

Here is an easy choice for a scarf. Simply remove from around your neck and tie it off on your handbag or wrist for a fun, carefree look. As the silk scarf can serve as a multi-purpose accessory, as in this case, be deliberate in selecting colors that accentuate your handbags (and outfits) and elevate your look. 

The Classic Larger Scarf

This can be paired with a crisp shirt, a cozy sweater or your favorite coat. Make sure you find the right scarf that fits your form and doesn’t feel forced or oversized. Once you do, I promise, you’ll keep coming back to this look again and again. 

Getaway Chic

Lastly is a favorite of mine (and many) because it can be used as an actual wardrobe piece. Certainly, this does require an up-scale scarf but it will serve you well on your tropical holiday or even when you want to dress up for the occasional “staycation.”

I’ll end with this – sometimes we look for new ways to add a little spark in our wardrobe, a touch of flair that doesn’t draw attention from your outfit but subtlely emphasizes it. And I’ll bet, if you look in yours, you probably already have some pieces that can work wonders on your next collection. If you don’t, enjoy exploring for several silk scarves that you feel comfortable, and excited, to wear. 

From stunning prints that are offered to the elegant monochromatic tones, have some fun with this piece and experiment with the various options offered here. In some form or combination, you will find several looks to express your authentic self and elevate your exceptional brand. Enjoy!

fotini xoxo

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