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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

Striking Prints and Patterns to Take You Into a New Decade!

Gorgeous tones, floral motifs, embroidery, artistic brush stroke patterns. These are just a few of the beautiful types of captivating patterns and prints to define 2020.  

Prints and patterns can be bold or minimal, but there is something to be said when you incorporate them into your already established, and stylish, look. They make the statement of chic, current, and modern. 

Of course, in fashion, one does not need to be overtly “print and pattern” unless you feel comfortable doing so – you are simply saying, “take notice.”And doing so, in a mindful way. 

From textures of clay and rock, mixed in earthy tones, to space-age and sci-fi translated in an eye-catching way. With colors that are delicate, comforting and refined, along with patterns that provide a statement using wild botanicals and, yes, animal prints, your options are as plentiful as they are purposeful.

Here are some exciting choices to consider this year:

Ethereal Tones to Embrace

Whether delicate, creamy, or a colored ombre pattern that carries you to some picturesque sunset in a faraway playground, this print can be lighthearted and fun, perfect for a day’s slate of activities. 

Painting Prints

Brushstroke inspired prints with the most vivid colors in a modern way, this pattern is, of course, colorful but it also adds a percieved layer of texture that will accentuate even the most minimal outfit. 

Embroidered Florals for Confidence

A personal favorite – this is translated into variations from the types of fabric that feel embroidered, like brocades or the literal floral embroidery. These florals don’t necessarily say “too pretty,” rather, they make more of a statement that exudes strength and power.

Playful Polka Dots

The delivery here, which was once feminine and sophisticated, is now becoming more sexy than it is precious. Any collection should include a mix of large and small polka dots for that perfect, modern approach.

Memorable Tropics

Yes, I know, the first thing that comes to mind is Versace and Jennifer Lopez resurrecting the infamous dress when she walked the runway at the 2000 Grammy’s. But these exotic patterns and prints are once again a statement of boldness, sprinkled with a bit of retro feel from the ‘70s most fabulous suits, bags, and footwear.

Animal Prints

Still here! Love, love, love no matter what level of print you choose because this pattern is timeless and continues to return, showing no signs of stopping. I am loving that the overdone mix of print is gone, and I am both happy and relieved to see that there is a more wearable version of mixing prints that is truly pragmatic.

Sophisticated Traveler

This is truly a fashionista statement – destination prints, earthy motifs, literal maps, and city prints. Paired with a more minimal separate it can be an elegant yet current look that draws in the eye and kick starts the conversation. 

Futuristic Patterns

Bold, strong, “I’m in charge” – enough said.

Petite Florals

Garden party, exotic getaway – I’m so delighted to see how the modern version of tiny florals is being translated in a more current manner. Welcome at any gathering, with this print, spring arrives the moment you do.

Architectural and Symmetrical Prints

This category can sound cold, stark, and even un-wearable but these patterns are a classic. An elegant look that compliments your form, this print is a staple I urge you not to overlook. 

These categories offer not only many variations of how to make a statement with fabric but they also seem to be favoring florals more than ever and in a very modern and strong way. 

Much like today’s woman, strong, feminine powerhouse’s who wear several hats, patterns and prints deliver a message of confidence and capability through their distinct visual representation. 

As you know I love looking at trends, but I also don’t believe in translating our wardrobes into whatever seasonal trend is happening. Accents and pieces are the best way to embrace fashion trends and offer you the opportunity to do so when the occasion arises.  

Remember, runways and red carpets are inspirational. As a designer, I have curated each of my collections on mood boards and then translated that inspiration into wearable garments for women. Patterns and prints are no different and they provide another chance to elevate your brand however you feel fit. 

But, never forget, always be you!

fotini xoxo

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