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Fashion & Style

The Stylish Accessory - Eyeglasses And How To Choose The Right Frame

There was a time when eyeglasses weren’t considered the fabulous accessory they are today. Instead, glasses were once deemed a look of “gloom and doom,” one that altered your appearance altogether (and certainly not for the better).

Thankfully, that has all changed. In fact, eyeglasses are now one of the most stylish and chic fashion accessories. When chosen correctly, they can accentuate your best features and make a strong statement about your personal brand.  

This accessory is so popular now that some choose to wear them even if they do not require a prescription. They have endless collections of eyeglasses, no different from those who have countless pairs of sunglasses. 

The most important part, when making the decision about which eyeglasses are right for you, is your face shape. The shape of your face will properly inform the style, color, and type of frame. These selections will become as important as any other part of your brand, maybe even more so than your wardrobe, because eyeglasses serve as a foundation of your already beautiful face.

What is the Shape of Your Face?

We are all unique, beautiful people with our own diverse aesthetic and look, but determining our face shape is step one to finding your perfect frames. A trick that I find works well in truly seeing my face shape is to trace it in the mirror with an erasable pencil/pen.

First, look at your face without any distractions around it – pull your hair back or away from your face and examine the shape. You can speak with a consultant when you are about to make your purchase but you must be comfortable and understand the true shape. To do so you must understand the contours of your face. Are your features soft? Are they strong or are they more defined? Once you know, you can pick your perfect eyeglasses match. 


With a square-shaped face, you’ll want to soften the angles with either round or oval-shaped lenses and a delicate frame. The glasses should be wider than your cheekbones, in this case. And, of course, consider the tone of your skin.


This is typically considered the face shape suited to wear any frame because of the proportions. A wider frame is usually my favored choice here, but have fun with your option because you can – whether elegant, classic, bold or a little eccentric – be you!

Round or Circular

With this softer type of shape, you are afforded the opportunity to play with more angular shapes for a bolder, stronger look. A rectangular frame or cat-eye are two great options to accentuate this facial form.


This lovely shape is definitely stronger and wider at the top and often distinguished by strong cheekbones. It’s best to go with a frame that is more wide at the bottom and one that is a little wider than the forehead.


For an oblong face, I recommend frames with more depth, that have a round shape or curved edges – the frame should also be equal all around to accordingly contrast the longer shape of the face.


With the forehead being more narrow at the top, a more thick and bold frame is the ideal match for this shape. Consider a frame that is slightly embellished. It will compliment your face and highlight the eyeglasses amongst your full outfit. 

*Other key points to consider: First and foremost, ensure you are properly measured by a professional. Once you have an accurate measurement, then figure out your needs: are you wearing your glasses at specific times or throughout the entire day? Your comfort (like in your wardrobe) will allow you to focus on your demanding schedule so you can properly exude an effortless confidence. And, lastly, don’t forget, be mindful of your hair and eye color and be sure to choose a frame that suits your skin tone. All aspects of your features and brand will play a role when matching accessories.  

Always remember to have fun when selecting the right eyeglasses, but ensure it is in line with your personal style, especially because this accessory will be an essential fixture of your day-to-day. 

The list above is meant to serve as a friendly guide to help you but, sometimes, thinking outside of the box and trying styles that are a little different may be necessary to help expand your brand. Remember, trends are fun and very inspirational so be sure to experiment while you’re at it–you can always have more than one pair of eyeglasses!

fotini xoxo

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