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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

How Uniform Dressing Can Enhance Your Personal Brand

Do you have a uniform style of dressing? Denim and t-shirts in multiple colors? Maybe a crisp shirt and pencil skirt? Or perhaps you like monochromatic, as your signature. 

With the upcoming holidays, the fall and winter season can make us feel overwhelmed by all the layers we need to wear to accommodate our signature style. Running around from party to party, using various forms of travel to make every appearance (personal or professional), all while “living your brand” can feel completely debilitating.

Here is an opportunity to simplify your life. 

But how can I afford to just ignore my attire? Isn’t it is just as important in making me feel fabulous and confident? I understand your concerns, but here’s the secret: comfortable, cozy, yet chic and presentable is actually achievable! And the uniform style choices below can alleviate stress all year round so you can focus on your demanding schedule. But let us start with fall and winter–always keeping in mind your personal brand.

Midi Knit or Crepe Dress for Effortless Presentation

Fabulous at the office or an evening out. It’s easy to pack in your suitcase with minimal creasing and can be dressed “up” or “down” for a more casual look. Effortless and elegant for any occasion. 

Pullover, Turtleneck, or Cashmere Sweater for Comfy Casual

Any of these can be paired with denim, dress pants, or even over a dress for a real current look. It’s perfect for the colder weather and suited for any holiday gathering. Just make sure you choose the right colors.

A Dress Shirt for Interchangeable Looks

Like the sweater option, a dress shirt allows you to accommodate various outfits. A great option with other separates, but also under a sweater and untucked, it’s a classic style that gives you nothing but options. 

Blazer or Jacket that is Formal but Fun

Who said a jacket is solely professional? With the right choice your options are endless: oversized, tailored, moto, whatever. They’re all excellent choices to pair with other elegant separates. 

Durable Denim for Any Occasion

A darker shade of denim for this time of year is a better choice. With a simple jacket or jeans, you’ll be able to transition from a casual business meeting to cocktails with friends.

Classic Dress Pant for Any Time, Day, or Place

It’s a classic for a reason. Be it for formal meetings, casual events, business, professional, family, or friends, it’s always a win/win.

A Practical but Stylish Seasonal Coat

The bear-like coat or the tailored fitted silhouette will keep you warm throughout the holiday, and the right one–tailored to your fashion sensibility–can keep you comfortable in any climate and presentable in any situation. 

Booties with a Heel, Loafers, or a Dressy Sneaker for a Final Touch

The ultimate finishing touch to any uniform dressing style is the footwear. Mix and match based on your outfit and give yourself permission to accentuate any style with a bold pick. 


I’ll personally be starting the holiday season with dark denim and a pullover or cashmere sweater with a bootie, but I encourage you to explore and experiment with your style. With any of the many options above you will be able to pull-off several looks without overthinking it. These are options that will not overwhelm you and grant you the fashion styles necessary to carry you through whatever your seasonal schedule calls for. 

fotini xoxo

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