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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

8 Dream Holiday Looks to Make You Feel Fabulous!

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.” 

You know it. It’s the first verse in “My Favorite Things,” sung by the magnificent Julie Andrews. It is a classic song played throughout the holiday months that warms your heart and, if you’re like me, joyously causes it to skip a beat. 

And what are my favorite things during the holiday season? Why the collection of cocktail attire, of course! Every last one. And to properly celebrate the approaching holidays, I present to you the 8 cocktail dress options that will not only put you in the festive mood but bring out your inner fabulousness!

1. A Silky Lamé Fabric for a New Year’s Ball

Shimmery and elegant with thin ribbons of metallic fiber, this is an excellent choice paired with a statement coat. Usually gold, silver or bronze, seamlessly matches any standard New Year’s color scheme. It’s fitting, it’s festive, and it will get you first in line at the champagne bar. (And this has you covered in both Lamé and Metallic – sparkle all the way!)

2. Shimmery Velvet Suit or Dress for A Night on the Town

Strong, sexy and confident with an underpinning or not, depending on the accompanying environment, of course. A bit heavier material, perfect for the colder months. With the right vibrant holiday color, you’ll make a stunning first impression at any gathering.

3. Twinkling Metallic for Catching Someone’s Eye

Always a gorgeous choice in the winter months and a perfect match to surrounding decorative lights. Whether it is paired with a leather inspired moto jacket for an edgier look or a simple, classic blazer, this choice is a win/win. Even on its own. 

4. Sequins, Beading, or Embroideries to Make Things Pop

It’s the cocktail category that offers a variety of silhouettes with its tangible materials. With the correct choice, you can be ultra-feminine, or regal. *Beware: this one has a tendency to attract a “dangerously” fun crowd. 

5. A Highly Textured Jacquard for a High-Class Holiday Event

This fabric translates power and commands attention. Silk, cotton, or even wool, when paired with a strappy, bejeweled sandal you’ll turn heads doing a single twirl on the ballroom floor.  

6. Classic Crêpe for Cutting Through the Crisp Winter Air

The ultimate “cocktail classic.” It is always an elegant and polished look, one that can help you effortlessly transition from daytime socializing to nighttime dining. 

7. Delicate Lace for a Current Cocktail Look

With a variety of laces available, this cocktail choice is current, feminine and alluring. A personal favorite of mine for any (and all) holiday work functions, especially when it is an overlay.

8. Feathers for a Festive Final Touch

My definitive finishing touch works on every level. From an all feathered look to a combination of lace, beading, and feathers, I urge you to be bold with your colors–it will accentuate your look. 

Be decisive with your selections and always remember to focus on what enhances you and your brand. During the festive holiday season, almost anything can work when tastefully put together. There are ways to bring in all of these different fabrics in a minimal manner or a bold one that culminates in an entire look. 

It’s time to have some fun and maybe even step outside of your comfort zone. Add a little bit of sparkle to the holiday merriment and enjoy this season being your most fabulous self. 

fotini xoxo

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