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Timeless Hair

Whether it’s changes in color, cut, or style, hair trends evolve each season just like clothing trends. And just as we do with our wardrobes, it’s important that we keep up with changing hair trends. After all, our hair makes a significant statement and is part of our personal brand.
Perusing through social media, magazines, runway shows and red carpets can make the task of choosing a new hairstyle overwhelming. Always remember: just like with our clothing, finding the right cut is ultimately about what works for you. Consider your particular lifestyle, how much time you’re willing to put into maintenance, and what is most appropriate for your work environment.

Another big part of choosing the perfect hairstyle for you comes down to finding something that is right for your particular type of hair. Does the style you covet work with your hair texture? Or complement your face shape? This is when consulting a professional, trustworthy stylist is invaluable.

Textured Pixie, Short Crop

This look is current, chic, and exudes confidence. It is androgynous but can be extremely feminine when styled correctly.

Soft, Textured Style

Whether it is a soft and polished blow-dry or tousled waves, this style is diverse and perfect for modern up-dos.

Variations of the LOB (Long Bob)…With This Hairstyle 

Pick from side, curtain, blunt or textured bangs with this long. Bangs or no bangs, parting your LOB right down the middle is a great choice too.

Voluminous Waves 

A style that makes running your fingers through your hair especially fun, and communicates alluring and sexy without being over-the-top.


This style is timeless and gives you a lot of options. You can wear your bob asymmetrically, bluntly cut or with a slight wave. You can decide what bob suits you best depending on your texture or natural wave. Remember: a professional stylist can advise you.


Whether you opt for curls, an ultra-straight do or long layers, this style is timeless. The key with long hair is finding the right products and tools. A stylist can tell you what will work best for your mane.


The shag is sultry and lower maintenance. Some shags look great with bangs, while others look better more evened out. This depends on the type of maintenance you’re willing to put into it.


Incorporating statement hair accessories is also a popular way to do-up your up-do right now. If you prefer to keep things simple, a groomed, glossy, low ponytail or a braid is on-trend.

Just remember that just like in the world of fashion, hair trends work like a carousel, coming back around in different variations. Your best bet is to speak with a trusted professional about what will compliment you and what you can manage best when you are at home or traveling. You can never go wrong with the classics.

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