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Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Five Key Personal Brand Development Tips

I believe that we all have a personal brand. It changes throughout our lives as our identities evolve.

Figuring out our personal brand during different periods of our life can be challenging. As women living in an age when gender inequality is still rampant in the workforce, many of us feel a need to self promote. But too often we do this without careful consideration. Understanding how to cultivate and build your personal brand is key to attaining your goals both personally and professionally. Here are some tips for doing that successfully.


Identify the story you want to tell society. What does your narrative look like? Your brand should convey an authentic story and remain consistent. Doing a writing exercise where you outline your brand is a helpful way to define it. Keep it simple and keep it real; trying to be someone else is onerous and comes across as inauthentic.

Be Relatable

When you communicate your brand, be firm, concise and clear, without grandstanding. Sharing your story while ensuring you are delivering a clear message will make an impact on others.

Express Yourself With Style

As a style strategist and designer, I find that visual representation and demeanor is vital to communicating your personal brand. Our personal style, cultivated through garments, accessories, make-up and hair, is a visual accompaniment of our personal brand. It is important to remember the difference between fashion and style. Fashion is defined by the trends we observe on runways, red carpets and on our favorite celebrities. Style is a more authentic way to communicate your brand. When it comes to style, invest in yourself-you are your best investment.

Be Consistent

Your personal brand should deliver the same message in both your personal and professional lives. Both audiences should get the same, authentic version of you. Being inconsistent with your personal brand can lead people to make inaccurate conclusions about you.

Brand Awareness

We should be wary of our social surroundings and the expectations people place on us on shaping our personal brand without our realizing it. Always make sure that your brand is best suited to you, not to others. Being inspired by those we admire––friends, family, influencers, mentors, leaders, humanitarians––is wonderful, but your personal brand should be a reflection of you.

Developing your brand in a positive and authentic manner is the best marketing vehicle you own. Cultivate and take advantage of your personal brand so that you can achieve your personal and professional goals.

fotini xoxo

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