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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

Trousers: The Ultimate Wardrobe Piece

There is no denying that dresses and skirts are the epitome of femininity and have been for centuries. In today’s world, the trouser not only represents power, but can also be feminine and, of course, comfortable.

When it comes to picking trousers, the most important thing to keep in mind is fit.  You’ve heard me say that fit is everything and in this case, that rings even truer. When I first started designing I was insistent that no trousers would be included in my collections unless they were tailored to the best of my ability.

Trousers is one of the most challenging wardrobe pieces. And yet, it is the most diverse wardrobe staple, one that can transition your look from day to evening wear.

Choosing the right trousers can be a challenge. Here are a few tips for those on the hunt, and some of my favorite trouser looks:

  • A frustrating problem women run into when buying trousers is size variations between types of trousers, especially with denim. Don’t assume you’ll be one size with all trousers types.
  • Always check to see if the seam is straight, especially if it is an exposed stitch seam. If it stretches, chances are it’s too small.
  • Do the “sit down” test. How does it feel on the stomach and waistline area? Does it give you a muffin-top? Do the pockets lay flat on the hip, or do they open when you’re seated? If they open, the trouser is too small.  (Tip: you can stitch the pockets down if the trousers feel good otherwise to give them a clean appearance). The crotch is probably the key to the right fit. This is where the inseam of the garment plays a crucial part. This area should never feel uncomfortable; not only is it unflattering looking, but it feels terrible.
  • There is nothing worse than a sagging trouser or a pair that’s too tight in the posterior.  If you’re having trouble with measurements, a good seamstress is your secret weapon. After all, the right trouser is one of the best garment investments you can make. Consult a professional when necessary.

High Waist: High waisted trousers, which should sit just above the belly button, will conceal some problem areas that some of us have and allow for us to feel comfortable. You can belt this style. Both the silhouette and wide leg fit beautifully with a curvy frame.

Wide Leg: This is a personal favorite, but a tricky one, because it’s a look that can appear saggy and messy. Consider the length and the width of the leg so that it’s not too long or wide for your frame. Remember, you wear the clothes, they don’t wear you!

Straight Leg: With straight-leg pants, the tailoring is very important. Remember: the crease should not bend or stretch out.  Straight leg pants are good if you want an elongated effect.

Cropped Leg: This look is perfect for day and evening, and can be paired with a flat, sneaker, bootie, or high heel. Just remember that to have the hem fitted for your height. The hem should fall just above the ankle.

Flared Leg: There is a trick to balancing to this look. The trouser should be fitted from the waistline to the knee and from the knee to the floor. Make sure the flare isn’t too exaggerated.

Put your best foot forward one pant leg at a time. Remember: we are not one size fits all, and that is a beautiful thing! And if you’re overwhelmed by sizing and options, I will reiterate the importance of a good seamstress or tailor to accent your beautiful size. It is worth the investment!

fotini xoxo

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