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Fashion & Style

How to Wear This Season's Jewelry Trends

When planning an ensemble, it is all about how the different pieces of your outfit come together, including accessories. Jewelry, in particular, can bring a whole new meaning to your look depending on the occasion. For example, they can be subtle and complement an outfit, or they can be the sole focus of your attire when paired with simple clothing. Above all, they complete a look. 

Like the icing on the cake or a cherry on top of a sundae, jewelry provides the finishing touch to an outfit. This season there are endless exciting ways to make a statement. Jewelry gives you an opportunity to display your personality. Whether you’re minimalist or not, there are no specific rules for jewelry. From colored stones and pearls to sculpted shapes, bib necklaces and punk looks, any jewelry style provides a fabulous way to elevate your look.

This season, we’re seeing more bold styles than minimal ones. Let’s take a look at this season’s exciting jewelry finds and determine how you can wear them.

Oversized Chains, Chokers, and Layers

These looks make a bold statement while remaining chic and elegant. They can finish off a minimal look. Why not pair them with a fabulous houndstooth pattern suit for full impact? Usually, less is more, but this season more is more, so feel free to be brave. If you’re unsure, stick with what makes you feel confident. Sometimes, even taking baby steps to step outside the box can be fun. For a toned-down look, layer a few of your favorite pendant necklaces and go for more delicate chains and chokers—or if you want to go all out, try large, gold, flashy chain-links, pendants and layered looks that steal the show.

Prominent Punk Is Back

From safety pins to cross earrings, punk styles really tell a story, especially in silver. Remember that runway looks are meant to be inspiring. There are pragmatic ways to wear these pieces. For example, if you’re not comfortable with an entire chunky necklace of safety pins, why not try a pin/broach or one of the chunky rings in style? These smaller pieces make a statement without taking over your entire look.

Unique, Modern Pearls

As a timeless jewelry choice, pearls are one of the most delicate, elegant and chic jewelry choices. This season, we’ve seen that there is also an edgy way to wear pearls. Unique shape gives a pearl a boldness that makes it current, polished and fashion-forward. In particular, go for earrings with large baroque pearls which have an atypical shape, or choose pearl cameo jewelry.

Embellished Colored Stones

Rich decadent colors are a constant in the fall and winter season; their deep hues say it all. This season, we’re seeing colorful crystals and gemstones incorporated into other trends, including bib necklaces and large gold chain necklaces with colorful gemstones as embellishment. Yet you could instead choose pieces that make the stones the centerpiece as a standalone trend.

Bold Hoops and Statement Earrings

The 80s are in and the hoops we saw back then are ever-present this season. Go for statement earrings, whether you choose a long chain-link style or a flash of a lightning bolt. Prominent gold earrings are in style, so wear some of your hoops and chunky styles in gold. We’re also seeing fun, quirky styles with bright colors and interesting materials that resemble homemade jewelry.

Personalized Logo

Logos seem to be everywhere this season, but a beautiful twist is to make your own personal logo the statement with custom jewelry. Yes, we have the designer brands that we covet, but you are your own brand so why not use a logo-inspired piece of your own?

When choosing pieces, do your research, whether it be online or in person. Look at the pieces you are going to invest in for longevity Also, be sure they’ll work with multiple looks in your wardrobe. 

Be sure to take care of the pieces you invest in. Store them away from heated areas where they might collect dust. Overall, have fun and experiment with jewelry. It gives that added sparkle an outfit needs and can be a fun part of your personal brand.

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