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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

The Current Power Suit

We all have a personal style, but when it comes to workwear, people too often think that to dress for success they need to forgo their personality and dress in a conservative, stale and even boring way. Perhaps out of work you choose non-conventional ways of dressing and mix high and low pieces, but then maybe you feel as though you can’t show this sense of style in your workwear. As a personal brand strategist, a big part of my role is to bring forward each person’s authenticity through their wardrobe and personal style.

It definitely is possible to infuse a personal style into workwear, and in fact, it’s something I recommend. Our message, our personal brand is communicated through our wardrobe before we even begin to converse. It tells people we work with important information about us. Maybe your workwear won’t be quite the same as what you would wear during personal time, but there are still ways to make your work ensembles your own.

Try the Modern Power Suit

One look you can make work for you is the power suit. Some people argue that the power suit does not exist anymore, but that is untrue. The power suit has simply changed over time, and we can make it exciting and fresh. The conventional options of dark colors, a string of pearls and pumps are not the only options. The exciting options of what the power suit looks like today make this outfit strong, boss, in-charge and yet still fashion-forward and sophisticated.

The goal with the modern power suit is to translate that we mean business but yet feel approachable and not cold or intimidating. On the red carpets and in the women’s empowerment movement, the pantsuit has dominated. But that does not mean that wearing a dress or skirt suit should be taken any other way than serious.

How to Style Your Power Suit

The key is to make your power suit your own. It all comes down to the details. Follow these tips to create your personal power look:

  • Add a strong pop of color to your suit look. Perhaps you could incorporate a bright-hued shirt with an interesting lapel or sleeve to bring that boldness. You can even change up the color of the suit itself, opting for a white or bright colored fabric, for example.

  • Choose a scarf with a pattern to accent that gorgeous dark suit. A scarf will add layering, and the curves can soften sharp lines on the suit.

  • Try belted jackets. This feature offers chic style and enhances your silhouette for a feminine take on your suit. If your suit doesn’t come with a belt, you could add one over a fitted jacket or wear a belt underneath the jacket.

  • Consider the current “men-inspired” look, which is all in the shoulders that are not so structured. This type of style is “in” for women, which you can play up or choose to soften and balance with feminine accessories.

  • Go for unique suit features such as asymmetrical hemlines on a skirt or dress paired with a blazer. This style makes you stand out from the norm and shows your modern flair, while the blazer helps you fit the office.

  • Choose fabrics with patterns so that the fabric is the statement of your look. Try brocade or jacquards with decorative designs that look fabulous with a traditional silhouette. Also in style is a gray checked pattern.

  • Add a chunky necklace that is not overdone but brings that “wow” factor. Chunky bracelets provide an alternative way to enhance your look. The key is to not deter from your overall message, but at the same time, you do not have to be dull.

The power suit is definitely “in.” Whether you prefer a more masculine approach or a feminine style, and however you like to accessorize your suit, you can make this look your own. It’s possible to incorporate your personal brand for a look that is anything but boring or ordinary. Through the style of the suit, the fabrics, and the items you pair with the suit, you can infuse your own personality into this trendy ensemble.

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