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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

Embracing the NOT So Boring Ways to Wear Neutrals

Some people call a monochromatic look based on neutrals boring and stale, but in my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth. Fortunately, modern fashion agrees, as this look has made a comeback. People are appreciating it for what it always was: effortless, refined, and polished. Whether you choose to wear a neutral monochromatic ensemble in a classic street style or embellished style, it will never let you down.

Neutral looks have been incorporated into this year’s top fall and winter styles. These upcoming trends make this style chic and current, while it’s always been timeless and elegant. Throughout the autumn and winter, you will be seeing beautiful hues of cappuccino, caramel, chestnut, mocha, and chocolate. Yes, these all sound like delicious seasonal treats, and they almost make you smell the fabulous scent of the fall. They also create a fantastic wardrobe with pieces you can continue to wear into the future.

Building Your Neutral Wardrobe

Neutrals add flexibility and diversity to the framework of your closet. They give you pieces that can stand alone or go together with a variety of wardrobe items.

When building your wardrobe, you will want to focus on the tones you choose as your staples. Pick the ones you will enjoy wearing and that you can pair with other pieces in your closet.

If sequins, beading, and feathers are more your “cup of tea,” you do not need to stay away from neutrals. They can serve as a fabulous backdrop to detailing. Yet when you are open to them, neutrals can be worn to make a statement by themselves when you wear them in certain ways.

Neutral Styles to Try

Here are some fabulous neutral looks to start with this fall:

  • Tonal: This complete look of head-to-toe neutrals is sophistication personified. Choose one neutral tone, such as caramel or mocha, and stick to it with every piece in your outfit. The lines and fit of your pieces will stand out, and the complete one-color look will draw the eye and wow people.

  • Shades of Beige: Mixing different tones makes a statement if you choose to have one specific neutral stand out. Perhaps you could wear your main tone in a dress while complementing it with accessories of differing tones.

  • Blending Textures: A personal favorite, using texture really adds to a look. Just as it does in interior decorating, a range of textures adds extraordinary detail to an outfit even when you stick to the same color. For instance, try pairing a cable-knit sweater in a neutral with a leather-inspired pant and a wool cape all in the same hue. The texture will highlight the difference between each piece and give something to focus on aside from the color.

  • Embellished Beige: This look is perfect for those of you who love detailing and statement pieces. Embellished beige is as refined as any look you will find on a runway. Yes, it is a showstopper, yet not overtly flashy. This look puts beige as the backdrop to beautiful detailing whether it’s beading, ruffles or other embellishments. The details pop in a subtle, feminine way because of the neutral.

  • Accessories: Another way to bring in neutrals is through your accessories. Add caramel, chestnut, and other neutrals to your look through a necessary tote, thigh-high boots or even jewelry. You can always build around a neutral color/tone.

I hope this list gives you a sense of how you can create stand-out looks with nothing but neutrals. Also, the wonderful thing about this trend, which I truly believe never went away, is that you can bring in bold statement colors, black and metallic shades and know that you’ll always pull off your look. Neutrals provide balance to soften bold colors and patterns for a chic, effortless look. You’ll find that you won’t regret having neutral pieces in your wardrobe. They will help you put together outfits that fit your personal brand now and for a long time to come.

fotini xoxo

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