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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

Fall Fashion Trends of 2019 You’ll Love

Oh, the beautiful season of Fall!  For those of us who live in a climate that allows us to enjoy this glorious time of the year, there are many aspects to enjoy. The gorgeous colors of the trees changing and the crisp air; one of my favorite scents of fall is spicy cinnamon and amber. There is, of course, the beauty of the autumn wardrobe and the layering that is ever so cozy and yet functional without being uncomfortable. The fabulous and rich fabrics which offer an array of different looks. Jacquards, boucle, all-season wool, and brocades are all decadent.

The following Fall trends are all about style and longevity and will make a great addition to your wardrobe.

The Caped Crusader

This is one of the chicest and functional choices for the season.  Not only for fall but winter as well. The beauty of this piece is that it serves like a warm, cozy blanket over your look. Whether it is a suit, a blazer, denim, or a dress it is sure to give any outfit an elevated and polished look.

Powerful, Yet Stylish Suit

The tailored suit is ALWAYS in style whether it is a pant or skirt suit. A belted dress gives the same message, even the belted coat. It all screams—I’m in charge!  Remember, tailoring is important. A more relaxed look doesn’t mean “frumpy”.

The Trench

The varying silhouettes of this coat are ever so exciting this season.  Sophisticated, stylish and elegant—you’ll have this piece for a very long time.

Leather-on-leather Inspired

Less is more?  Not in this case. This season the leather jumpsuit, the leather top, and pant or skirt is in!  This too is a strong and opulent statement. For a more subtle take on this trend, you can always pair with a bow blouse or a midi skirt of a different fabric.


This is a trend that is worth investing in. If you dare and are bold enough, an entire look will have all heads turning. The key is to know how to pull this look off without looking like a road sign in the middle of the night. Not ready for this?  Try a neon belt, shoe or even a bag which will give that little touch.

Dark And Moody Florals

This is one of my favorites and a look I showed in my first collection in New York Fashion Week. Mysterious, feminine, sexy and strong—enough said!  Love, love, love!

Animal Print

Yes, this is still here and I hope it never goes away!  From dresses, coats, bags, and booties it just works and once again is a strong statement.


I was once asked in an industry interview what color in a crayon box would you be?  Since I was a little girl, my answer was always the metallic crayons – bronze, silver, and gold!  I draw inspiration from metallic pieces like a shattered mirror, beautiful fabric or a “go big or go home” metallic coat.

Exciting Lace

Just like metallic lace, Chantilly creates an uber-feminine look to any bold pattern.  All of these choices are feminine in their own right, but command power, and are current and chic.

Forever Neutrals

Neutral, on neutral, on neutral is a way to create the ultimate look of sophistication in an understated way.  Not only will this give you longevity but it is a look for all seasons. Perhaps you want to think of pairing a variation of fabrics: wool, satin, and leather the choices are endless.

This season seems to be calling for the “power” message and that is exciting and refreshing. It is also about being true to your authentic style and offers ways to not overdo it if you are not comfortable with the full statement ensemble. Remember to be you and that fashion is meant for inspiration—your style and how you put it together brings out the best part—YOU!

fotini xoxo

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