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Personal Growth

Personal Growth

10 Tips To Make Your Shopping Experience More Effective

As we are approaching the Autumn season and feeling the evening temperatures drop, there is that dreaded and somewhat daunting task on our minds that we have to transition our wardrobe. Having so many other obligations in our life that need attention, it is important to find a way to make this task feel like less of an assignment and more like something to look forward to.

Here are some tips to help you ease into this phase and enjoy an effortless shopping experience:

1. Start With A Strategy

This begins with editing and assessing your closet. Think about creating a  capsule wardrobe. What pieces can you transition from spring/summer to autumn/winter? Nowadays, we have multiple options for all seasons. Oh, the wonder of fabulous fabrics! Going through your current wardrobe can help when it comes to sticking within your budget.

That brings me to one of the key points when building your strategy around shopping: budget! Yes, we are all guilty of sometimes going over that “firm” number, but know your limitations. There is nothing worse than those nagging credit card statements. If you are going to indulge, think about if the investment in that particular piece is a viable one. Ask yourself, how often will I wear this? How well does it fit in with the rest of your wardrobe?

Keep a size chart of your fabulous frame! We all fluctuate at some point or another and sometimes in different areas—that is just the complete and utter truth! Measure everything—from the bust to the waist to the hips and posterior. This will help with sizing.

2. Embrace You

In most cases, one size does not fit all. When you are shopping, you have to forget about anyone else but yourself. Get to know your favorite brands and your size in them. What’s a size 12 in one brand is not necessarily the case in another.

3. Prepare a List

Create a detailed list of what you have and what you need to either replace or purchase to fill in the gaps. From a tailored black pant to a lightweight trench, what are the key pieces you will need to transition to Fall? Be sure to also add items that are part of your wish list.

4. Allow Yourself Time

Allow yourself plenty of time to browse and try clothes on. Do not put yourself under the pressure of shopping when you are short on time. That’s when mistakes are made like unwanted purchases, that seem like a good idea at the time. Also, do not shop when you are tired.

5. Make Sure You Had a Light Meal

There is nothing worse than starving yourself because you want to fit into the clothes you’re trying on. Instead, be mindful of how you feel prior to going shopping. Have a light meal and stay away from anything that would cause any bloating. Some places will offer a glass of wine or even champagne, but if you indulge, keep it to a minimum.

6. Consult With a Professional

Perhaps you work with someone at your favorite stores—online or in-store. The key is to work with someone you trust that will give you the best advice and knows your frame and body. This person can be a savior when it comes to your time. They can be someone who truly understands you—not one that just focuses on commission, instead of your best interests.

7. Do Your Research

Whether it is online or your traditional print magazines, take a look at your options ahead of time. Believe me, you will be happy this little bit of “homework” is done prior to shopping. It is also helpful for your consultant if you’re using one. This will allow them to focus on what you really want.

8. Dress Appropriately

If you’re shopping online—well pajamas work. Otherwise, choose comfortable shoes and clothes while you’re on your mission. Think of the appropriate undergarments—do I need to bring shapewear? Should you wear seamless panties and a seamless bra? Should the bra have interchangeable straps in case you need a strapless or halter option? Wear an easy to remove blouse or dress to avoid getting make-up on your clothes and messing your hair.

9. Trust Your Intuition, BUT Don’t Be Afraid To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

If the clothes you are trying on don’t feel good and don’t give you that “joie de vivre” feeling, perhaps it is not for you. The piece should instantly give you that spring in your step—even when it may not fit just right perhaps a seamstress can help. Don’t be afraid to let yourself try something new, whether it is a color or silhouette, it could be the start of newfound love.

Don’t focus too much on trends. Remember, trends come and go and although fun to play with perhaps you want to invest in baby steps. Be sure to read maintenance labels as well. Some pieces need to be carefully washed or only dry-cleaned.

10. Shopping Online

When shopping online, it is imperative that you know your size in a particular brand. Read reviews and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Look for promotional codes that could be beneficial. Shipping costs are extremely important to understand and the same goes for return policies. Most sites make it easy to click on an item, add to the shopping cart, and check out, but when it comes to returning an item it can be overwhelming. Keep your receipts and confirmations along with the packing slips.

By using these simple yet effective tips, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed or exhausted the next time you go shopping. Buying new clothes should be a positive experience and one you look forward to.  Happy shopping!

fotini xoxo

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