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Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Defining Success In Your Life

From grade school through entering the workforce, people have asked me how I define success in my life. I’ve always found this a difficult question and one that is shaped by other people, especially while growing up. We are influenced by our loved ones as we watch and listen to what they value as success. Over the years, we’re also shaped by our friends and colleagues, and our mentors and gurus. We’re even influenced by the ideas of success we see on social media.

Especially today, when social media is very prevalent, the influence of others can be confusing. We are shown images of affluence and notions of the perfect person. We can become confused between what images are authentic and thinking less of ourselves for not accomplishing what we see. When you see enough of these images, it can give the idea that these are the qualities that are valued in society and that they should be a part of your reality.

It is not wrong to find inspiration from successful people.  I believe it can be important and motivating to see successful people as role models. Perhaps this has inspired you to create a mood board for all that you would like to achieve and attain. This is a great way to go!

Yet, when following other people’s ideas of success, it is important to take caution. We are all unique, and one person’s idea of success may not make another person happy. Choose what you like about others while making sure it fits with your own ideals and goals. Make sure these ideas are building you up instead of making you feel bad about yourself.

Here, I list some of the meaningful aspects of life as it pertains to me.  Figuring out your own version of success is a key part of your personal brand.


Being Surrounded By Loved Ones

To me, life is more complete when you surround yourself with authentic people who truly accept and care about the real you. People who will provide unconditional love and support during times of happiness and sadness.


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Want vs. Need

Sometimes we measure and define success by being able to attain the things we want.  It is important to remember sustainability in this case and not overextending ourselves resulting to unneeded stress.

Taking Care of You

This means caring for your health and wellness and striving to be happy and content—this is not a selfish goal, but a necessary one. You will not be good to anyone else otherwise.


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Removing Yourself From Negative Forces

Sometimes we can’t help but be forced into certain negative situations and environments.  It could be taking on role or position in a business that is not ideal, but necessary due to circumstances. Perhaps being around unauthentic people who act as though they want to see you grow while having an ulterior motive.

Remember the phrase “misery loves company”–I’ve been there.  In these negative situations, you may need to practice patience.  Focus on the long-term goal which is removing yourself from this scenario.  Never act in haste in this type of case–instead, make the change with a clear head and a plan.

Giving Yourself A Pat On The Back

It is important to recognize when you are taking steps forward toward the goals you want to achieve. Remember those successful people you are looking at took time to reach their goals as well.

Success does not usually happen overnight. This will also help you want to stick with your goals so you can reach them in the end. If you have reached a goal or a dream has come to fruition, applaud…well…YOU!


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Perseverance And Focus

Be willing to do the hard work and what it takes to get to the finish line. This way of thinking can apply to any goal you may have, whether it’s a professional goal or a personal one, such as relationships to running a marathon.

Integrity, Respect, and Giving Back

I put these three values together because it is what gives me contentment and allows me to sleep at night.  I believe that these values are tied to success.  I do not want to reach my goals in such a way that I will feel any regret.  Treat people the way you want to be treated.  In my case motivating people to be their best version of themselves is always my intention.

Help people as you strive toward your goals in life. When you help someone or a certain cause, the end result is a win/win! People don’t realize how much their voice can amplify a cause. If you are fortunate to give a small donation, it is making a difference. What is a cause that is truly dear to you? It is not the size of what you contribute, but the fact that you have.


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Let’s take a moment and be mindful about this quote and how it reflects on us and those around us. #mondaymotivation #instaquote

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Success is a personal ideal.  So I ask you:  What does success mean to you?

I have been often asked:  What would you have told your younger self? Be your true self and know that you will evolve. Understand that anything worthwhile in life comes with a commitment and hard work. Rather than following everyone else’s idea of success, allow yourself to dream and embrace your journey. It is what will make you be you!

fotini xoxo

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