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Fashion & Style

The Perfect Jeans to Suit Your Body Shape

Jeans are an essential item that every woman must have as part of her wardrobe. Whether they are a consistent part of your look or a piece that you wear on occasion. Jeans act as a wardrobe staple that has the ability to transition your look from casual to chic—depending on the type of denim and what garments you pair them with.  

A t-shirt and sneakers is a great option or a feminine blouse with flats or sandals work perfectly with denim.  Whether you are running errands or meeting friends for a casual visit.  However, other choices are versatile for a work function or a late evening dinner.  Styling your jeans with a silk cami, a blazer, heels, and eye-catching jewelry will finish off your ensemble.

Nonetheless, it’s always important to find the right jeans that are the perfect fit for your body shape, look, and personal brand. Fortunately, jeans come in so many fits and styles, you are never short on options. Next time you go jean shopping, it is critical for you to consider these aspects. 

Fit and Length

These aspects make all the difference between a jean that is flattering or one that does not suit your body. Nonetheless, it is not a cookie-cutter approach. You need to find a jean that fits your own body, so what looks good on someone else may not look best on you and vice versa.

Straight-leg jeans are ideal for curvy shapes such as hourglass figures but also fit an athletic body. Flare styles help provide balance for apple and hourglass shapes, while boyfriend jeans work well for apple and athletic bodies. Pretty much everyone can look good in skinny jeans as long as you choose one that fits you well.

As for length, you want to consider your height. Your jeans should not be so long that they bunch up when they hit your shoe, nor should they be short enough to show your ankle unless you are specifically going for a cropped style. Consider petite, regular or long styles depending on your height. Remember that a jean that fits your body well can be tailored to achieve the perfect length.


Today, many jean options have a degree of stretch in the garment while still providing enough durability to not get that stretched-out look. The right combination of strength and stretch is ideal as the jean will hug your body while still allowing you to move with ease. This is much better than a non-stretch jean, which can lead to problem areas such as the dreaded muffin-top look or feeling too tight and constricting. You may also want to have options in your closet between stretch and non-stretch styles.

Elongated Frames

You can elongate your frame, whether you are tall or petite, through high-waisted jeans, which are flattering to the figure. Make sure these jeans are fitted well to your body, and wear them with a short or tucked-in shirt to get the best proportion. Nonetheless, mid-rise jeans also provide a great style that is flattering to different figures, and these pair well with tops in a range of lengths.

Different Washes

Wash is one of the most important aspects of a jean. It is ideal to shop for more than one type of jean wash. The wash can help you create very different outfits to fit a range of occasions. Light and medium washes are great for everyday wear, while they can also transition to evening looks. Lighter washes tend to be more casual than darker ones.

Dark blue washes, or even black hues, are ideal for looking polished or going for a nighttime style. These washes perfectly pair with a blazer or alluring top. You can often pull off a dark jean within a business look as long as it fits the occasion. Also, don’t be shy about trying a unique colored jean from time to time.

Fitting the Posterior

Jeans can be a challenging purchase because it’s not uncommon for them to fit one part of your body while not quite fitting another. For instance, they could fit your thighs while leaving too much room in the waist. With this type of pant, the most important area to fit is the posterior. Nonetheless, this is often the most challenging area. Keep trying different brands, styles, and fits until you get one that fits snug in the posterior. It should hug your shape without being too tight or too loose. One of the worst looks is that of jeans that sag in the back. This is a very unflattering look you want to avoid.

Every woman should have a variety of jeans in her wardrobe. This is a versatile piece you can transition to different occasions and styles. Having different styles of jeans allows you more options for how to wear them. Just remember to follow these tips to find jeans that flatter your figure and fit your personal style in the best way possible.

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