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Fashion & Style

6 Lingerie-Inspired Looks Outside The Bedroom

You may wonder whether you can get away with some of the chic, sexy lingerie-inspired looks you see in stores or on the runway. Perhaps you consider whether you’ll be able to pull it off or whether it may sabotage your personal brand and reputation.

It’s good to ask these questions. When you wear lingerie as outerwear, there is a fine line between looking good and being provocative and lewd. The key is in how you wear it. You must remain true to your brand and silhouette. Also, you need to choose the appropriate piece and incorporate it into a sophisticated, feminine and even edgy street style.

Try these styles to make lingerie pieces work for you—but only if they fit your own personal brand.

The Lace Bodysuit

A versatile piece to wear as an underpinning, the lace bodysuit is especially chic when worn under a suit or a blazer paired with denim. It offers a hint of allure beneath outer layers. You will find that this piece can act as an excellent choice throughout the year, yet it provides a sensual quality in the warmer months. If you decide to try the lace bodysuit, always consider whether it fits your environment and the dress code.

The Pajama Inspired Suit

Try this style for a modern and current flair. Before wearing it, be sure to have it tailored to your frame. This way, it won’t look like it belongs in the bedroom. You can choose from different styles to fit your brand, from a blousy jacket with a cigarette pant to a wide leg pant.

Regardless of the style, the key is to wear this suit in a polished way. You want to show people that you put effort into your outfit rather than stumbling out in your pajamas. A heel will surely elevate this outfit, yet you could wear it with a ballet flat or fashionable sneaker for a more casual vibe.

Just like other kinds of suits, you can wear the pajama suit as separates, which creates a lot of versatility for your wardrobe. Try pairing a t-shirt with the pajama suit pant for a casual look, or arrange your PJ-inspired blouse in an ensemble with denim.

The Slip Dress

This look is probably one of the easiest lingerie styles to wear. At the same time, it’s tricky to pull off as you do not want it to look like a nightgown. To prevent this faux pas, create a polished style with your look as a whole. The slip dress looks great paired with a leather or faux leather jacket or with a light sweater. You have endless options for shoes to pair with this look, from stilettos to sneakers to booties.

Many of these dresses are cut bias style, which gives you a more flattering and polished look that is fitted to your body. Nonetheless, a more forgiving silhouette can be just as stylish. The key is to match the slip dress to your comfort level and your personal brand. Also, be mindful of the fabric, and find one that works for you. For example, if it is too lightweight, it could be less forgiving.

The Lace or Tulle Dress

A personal favorite of mine, a lightweight lace or tulle dress is an ideal choice when you want to try a lingerie outfit. Both lace and tulle are ultra-feminine and flirty fabrics that can make you look elegant with hidden secrets. At the same time, you can make this look edgier if you add color tones that make the fabric pop against your body and show the contrast with your skin peeking out beneath.

The Silk Kimono Dress

Elegant and current, the silk kimono dress is a great choice. This style is loose and flowy, floating around your body with drapes of fabric. These dresses often feature dramatic patterns and colors to draw attention. This creates a look of casual sexiness while not showing too much skin. You have the chance to customize this look to fit your brand. Choose from different lengths, from above the knee for a youthful look or stylish midi or ankle-length styles.

The Corset

Some of you may know my history and love for corsets. This was the Tanya corset from my Romanov collection. I believe this is the epitome of a lingerie style that is flattering, sexy and sophisticated. As it’s fitted to your body and exuding femininity, the corset can make you look your absolute best. Wear it as an underpinning with a lace-up back, or for a more modern and covered-up style, put it over a crisp blouse.

Anyone can wear a lingerie-inspired look outside the bedroom. The keys to pulling it off are confidence and wearing the piece in a polished way. When you have a put-together look, it won’t seem as though you forgot to get dressed in the morning. Instead, you will look glamorous, modern and sexy. Also, as always, make sure whichever piece you choose fits your personal brand.


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