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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

2019 Summer Accessories to Elevate Your Look

As I’m dreaming of a Mediterranean holiday in St. Tropez and of taking that beautiful boat to sail to Capri ending off at the Greek islands, I’m thinking of my favorite accessories to pack. But with my recent move to a new residence, the upcoming release of my first new book, and laser-focused on the development of my business, I wake up with a reality check that this year my vacation will be a staycation—A girl can dream!

However, that will not stop me from wearing my favorite summer accessories at home. These accessories are not only summer-worthy and très chic, but they will give you that extra effervescence and sparkle during this season!


This accessory is probably at the top of the list. Not only can it transform and elevate your entire look, but the versatility is endless. From your neck to a hair accessory to a halter on a sultry night—it is stunning even as a purse embellishment. My recommendation is to choose colors that have some neutrals in the background but if you’re feeling bold—a pop of color is the ultimate statement.


This look is perfect from business meetings to an evening out sipping a glass of champagne on a tree-lit patio in the evening hours. With so many options it is not just limiting to long hair. Whether it is sensual waves with a loose knot to a clean and polished top knot, this look can make your staple wardrobe look like you’ve invested in some new pieces.

Angular Sunglasses:

This is definitely a statement!!! This silhouette is not only current and fresh but it screams confidence and empowerment with its structure.

Backless Maxi:

Backless dresses are the most alluring this time of year. It gives a refined and stylish look. When you turn around it’s like giving a playful wink in a tasteful way. Monochromatic, color block or floral—whatever pattern you choose, it is always simply stunning.

The Mini-bag:

There is something to be said about great things in small packages. Now, this is truly an accessory for any social engagement—whether is it a Sunday brunch, a poolside cocktail party or a late evening dinner. By using a mini-bag, you will realize that the necessities you are packing are all you need. If you are going from work to a social function put it in your tote! Neon? Yes, please!

The beautiful thing about these accessories is that they do not need to overextend your budget. What they will give your wardrobe is that extra pop for the warm summer days. Perhaps it is not bon voyage this year, but having that summer spring in your step is something we should aim for at all times!

fotini xoxo

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