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Personal Growth

Personal Growth

How Social Skills Can Reflect Your Personal Brand In the Workplace

The importance of your visual representation for your personal brand is key to your success. However, the way we interact with other people is equally as important. Today, the interactions we have with others—in person, through social media, or via email—are endless. As advantageous as our communication threads can be, it can also be hazardous to our reputation.

What is the definition of social skills? Certainly growing up, we learned interpersonal skills from our family, caregivers, friends, without even realizing. One of our important senses is seeing. Hence, the importance of your visual representation.

In the business environment, we work with people on a daily basis. Strong social skills will allow you to interact with all types of personalities along with the leaders of your company. The development of strong relationships in the workplace will help you succeed.


In my personal experience with clients, I found that the key attribute of listening has brought loyalty, trust, and both parties achievement in their goals. It is important to be fully engaged in listening to someone talk and ensure you are away from any distractions—no phones or other forms of technology. Show that you are staying focused on the conversation by giving eye contact. Do not be afraid to ask questions, but only when the other person has finished speaking. It is vital to understand what the other person is saying and to clearly understand the message.

Empathy and Compassion:

We relate better to those who we feel understand us and how we feel. The best way to accomplish this is to reverse roles–how would you want to be treated? What would you hope to be told coming out of this conversation? This does not mean that you should give into an uncomfortable situation just to make someone feel better. It means you should give constructive counsel.


Remember the please and thank you we were taught as young children? This continues to be of great value in our lifetime. Showing respect for others immediately shows that you care and have a sense of self-respect. You don’t have to agree with everyone’s views—that’s what makes us individuals. But the way we choose to agree to disagree is the real key. You can show appreciation for someone’s thoughts and opinions as well as tactfully state that you have a different viewpoint.

Positive Attitude:

Try avoiding the “negative Nellies” and “Debbie downers.” Remember, misery loves company? Sorry for the clichés, but these still hold true. Surround yourself with those who are positive and those who can mentor you. Respect yourself and show yourself gratitude first and then pass it onto others.


All of the great success stories stem from some form of collaboration. Working well with others and practicing strong social and interpersonal skills will lead to achievement. We all typically have success on our radar. In a business setting, success is the ultimate goal. Without positive collaboration, it can be a very unpleasant environment and cause negativity to fester. Ask yourself: Does the entire team understand the goal? Do they understand their responsibility and tasks? Does everyone understand that they are accountable? Yes, some ideas and concepts may be more beneficial at certain times, but allow for people to be heard and do not be dismissive.

Above all, after seeing how much time we spend with our coworkers and/or clients it is best to build those relationships. Not only could you make some life-long friends, but simultaneously, you could bring success and efficiency. Even if you choose to not socialize with your coworkers, building good relationships will not only make you feel better about getting up every day and conquering the business world—whatever industry you may be in, but it will also make others feel better.

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