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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

Travel Etiquette and Style Tips to Keep In Mind Next Time You Fly

Are you planning to travel in the near future? Can’t wait to get to that magical destination to unplug and recharge? About to close that deal you’ve been working on for six months? Perhaps you’re taking an overdue holiday overseas with your family? Whatever your reason for travel, carefully consider your attire. While traveling with class requires our attire to be appropriate, it also focuses on displaying respectful awareness of etiquette. This consideration will make everyone’s experience—yours and theirs—more enjoyable.

Here are some travel style tips:

Pant: For travel, go for a comfortable pant or denim. Ensure it has a fit that can endure the duration of the flight. Will you fidget or be uncomfortable when sitting? Consider a cotton blend in the warmer seasons and light wool or crepe fabric in the cooler months. A tapered leg is usually better, so if you are running to catch your connecting flight you are not tripping over that extra fabric of a wide leg pant. Denim typically offers a stretch in the fabric that allows us to move with ease.

Blouse/Top: Choose a relaxed cut and lightweight fabric so you feel at ease. Great fabrics are cotton, silk or knit. Consider sleeve length to be at the elbow or wrist because airplanes tend to be chilly. If you choose a short sleeve or sleeveless top, you must bring layers.

Jacket/Coat/Cardigan: When traveling in the cooler months you will most likely have a coat or heavier jacket that you will hang up or fold into the overhead compartment. A cardigan is a must for any season, or perhaps go with a scarf or wrap. You do not want to feel that chill for the duration of your trip.

Dress: If you choose to wear a dress, follow some important tips. Consider the length. It should not be too short or too long—knee length is ideal. A relaxed silhouette is always best so you can move comfortably. Choose a fabric that is as wrinkle-free as possible, such as a jersey or lightweight knit. You don’t want to worry about looking messy when you land.

Shoes: A closed-toe shoe works best. Whether you choose an elevated sneaker or a loafer, comfort must be the priority. A mid-heel is fine, but ensure there is good traction at all times in case you have to run from gate to gate. Be sure to choose a breathable shoe.

Colors: Dark and neutral colors are best when traveling. A light pattern can also be helpful to hide any mishaps. It is easy for these to happen if the seat is not properly cleaned or the turbulence makes you spill your drink, for instance. Dark colors and light patterns do not show dirt or spills as much in comparison to lighter shades and solid fabrics.

The Tote: This is the “it” bag when traveling. Go for leather or faux leather, and make it lightweight because chances are you will have work you want to do on the plane, you will need a tablet for the kids to watch their shows or maybe you simply want to relax and read a “real” book or magazines. Then, of course, you have to consider your necessities and if you are carrying snacks.

Hair: Choose a relaxed look, whether it is a blow-out to show your beautiful waves or a pretty ponytail to keep hair off your face. Always carry a hair elastic, but be aware of hair accessories or styles that may be uncomfortable if you want to sleep on that long flight.

Next, avoid these fashion faux pas:

  • Do not take your shoes off. No one wants to see your feet, and you need to consider odor, which is offensive. Also, consider hygiene. There have been thousands of people passing through an airport and sitting in the seat you are in. If you choose a polished sandal, consider your pedicure. Also, the shoe should be partially closed so you do not feel cold.
  • Avoid see-through clothing and too-short hemlines. The plane is not a beach or a bar, so save these pieces for the appropriate time. These items can make the other passengers and flight staff feel uncomfortable. Typically, airports and planes are public places, so strive to show your classy, self-respecting and elegant self.
  • Consider your fragrance. As a rule, one should be mindful of overindulging in fragrance—especially when you are on a flight and sharing space with others, be considerate. Some people suffer from allergies or migraines. A little dab on the wrists and behind the ears is all you need if you must wear your fragrance.
  • Focus on overall hygiene. Wash your hands often, have hand sanitizer in your purse and maintain clean nails. Putting your makeup on or using dental floss is not something anyone wants or needs to see in public. Touching up your lipstick or hydrating your lips with lip balm is acceptable.

The top rule of travel style is to focus on a balance of being comfortable while showing your best self. Always keep hygiene and etiquette practices in mind since you are sharing close quarters with others. I hope these tips help you maintain your style and class while enjoying your vacation to the fullest.

fotini xoxo

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