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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

8 Unconventional Wedding Looks for the Unique Bride

Who remembers Carrie Bradshaw’s Vogue photo shoot with all those gorgeous nonconventional options for bridal wear? Even her final choice (Vivienne Westwood) that didn’t quite make it down the aisle was not a traditional choice. And, of course, the off-the-rack suit she ended up wearing to marry Big was—once again—not conventional!

Traditions, whether it be what we grew up being told was the “right” wedding attire for a bride or maybe what was passed down by our culture, may have shaped our vision of bridal. But our options have expanded over time, allowing each bride to show her uniqueness on her wedding day. Fashion evolves, bridal more so than ever, which makes it so exciting. The notion in the past was to wear white for purity, with a veil to be lifted upon being given away to the new spouse. Brides today are changing this tradition. They might wear a different color and skip the veil. Some opt for alternatives to a dress so they can repurpose for another event, while many decide that the princess gown is simply not who they are.

It was my privilege and honor to design my oldest daughter’s gown. We worked together, but I always kept in mind her vision and who she was as an individual. She dreamed of the princess wedding gown with a modern hand, and that is exactly what she got. The most important thing to remember is that on this very special day, your dress should be reflective of who you are. You should be thrilled to look back in years ahead and be proud of your choice. We evolve like fashion does, but we should remain authentic to ourselves.

If you have decided to expand your vision of bridal here are some gorgeous styles you could try.

The Tuxedo

If dresses are not what you were thinking of for your bridal choice, then consider a tuxedo. This is a personal favorite of mine. If you choose to have it custom-made this choice will provide options for you to personalize. From color to lapel style, a pocket handkerchief, tie or bowtie, add a vest and voila—spectacular.


For a modern and edgy look, pantsuits or jumpsuits are one of the hottest trends. Designers are creating some gorgeous versions for bridal. You’ll find fitted to wide legs attached to any type of neckline you can think of, allowing you to pick a style that really fits your personality. Pantsuits look great with or without a veil, and some even come with draped fabric around the pants, giving you the best of a dress and pants at once.

The Glitter, Glam, and Vintage Metallic

Perhaps this is a second time around, and you’re inspired by Studio 54 or the medieval era. You can go for a shimmery silver dress or choose a more traditional gown with metallic details. Some dresses out there have amazing metallic beadwork, often combined with lace.

The Ethereal Floral

This style is ever so feminine, yet the colors bring a playful side. With a backdrop of a soft shade as the base, colored or beaded appliqués will make the perfect statement. The epitome of romance, which couldn’t be more perfect for your big day.

The Mini

The warm destination wedding that you always dreamed of is now a reality. The light and frothy lace of this dress is exactly what the warm breezes and beach waves call for. These styles take traditional dresses and turn them into light, fun short dresses you can wear for occasions beyond your wedding.


This whimsical choice was inspired by the free spirit that you are. You’ll look unrestricted and free in the long, flowy and simple silhouettes. Lace or tulle adds a sheer vibe that’s casual and glamorous at the same time.

Classic Sheath

Remember Carolyn Bessette’s wedding dress choice? That was a pivotal moment in bridal. Elegant, classic and chic, the simplicity of the silhouette is timeless. Timeless elegance, it’s a perfect choice for a wedding at a winery and could be worn later to a charity function.

A Splash of Color

This detail can change a traditional gown into a modern, fashion-forward statement. You have endless ways to achieve this style, whether the color comes through your sash, appliques, a dip dye bottom, beadwork or various other options. A touch of color pops with personality against a pure white gown.

No matter which style calls to you, make sure it fits your authentic self.

fotini xoxo

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