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Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Five Simple Ways to Prepare for Swimsuit Season

Oh, how we long for the summer breezes, the sultry nights, and the beautiful wardrobe choices of summer! Tis the season to shed the heavy layers and plan for that oceanic escape. Have no plans for a getaway? That is the exquisiteness of this season. A staycation can be just as fulfilling and your pocketbook will thank you. But there are some other emotions that this season can bring. You may have feelings of anguish, anxiety, and dread when thinking of putting on your swimsuit, your favorite shorts, and sleeveless blouse, or your dazzling mini dress.

Here are some tips to help you get ready and feel good doing it:

1. Embrace Your Silhouette

Out of all of the tips, this is the most important: Your figure is fabulous! So start owning it by emphasizing your best features.

Finding the perfect swimsuit for your body is critical. It will make you feel your best and you will start to ooze confidence. Speak with a consultant who will be honest and understands your shape. Try on different styles until you are satisfied and keep in mind that darker colors and minimal prints can have a slimming effect. Finish off with a sarong or cover-up that could serve as a secondary outfit. It is important that the consultant you choose listens to you and is truly invested in making you feel your best.

2. Drink Water

Hydrating will not only keep you feeling energized throughout the day, but will help your skin, reduce swelling, and bloating. The general rule is to drink approximately 7-8 8oz-glasses a day. The idea of meeting that requirement can sometimes feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to drink your daily dose all at once—pace yourself throughout the day.

Remember, if you are doing any form of physical exercise you must increase your intake. I love to start my morning with a tall glass of room temperature water. I squeeze a slice of lemon and drop it in. Lastly, I’ll finish off with 4-5 dashes of cayenne pepper (start with one dash and add accordingly for your taste buds).

3. Physical Exercise

Now, this can mean an array of things. Let’s start with the gym. This choice of fitness can be tailored for you accordingly to your goals. If you are fortunate enough to work with a trainer they will build programs for you. If traditional forms of cardio are not appealing, you can choose online programs guided by fitness professionals. Perhaps taking classes is more aligned with your idea of exercise. Interval cardio is excellent as are squats and upper body training – it doesn’t have to be complicated! As you exercise, your lower body will improve overall and as for the upper body, consider some appropriate weights for your arms and back. Be mindful of engaging your core while you’re doing this routine for an added bonus. Walking is another great way for physical activity whether it is indoors, on a treadmill, or outdoors basking in the beauty of nature. For optimal results add some uphill intervals.

4. Making Smart Meal Choices

Natural foods with the right nutrients that are fresh is a great place to start. Fish, leafy greens, and fresh vegetables are great selections. Speak with your food market specialist and get educated on alternate choices. Avoid anything with a lot of preservatives, sugar, and sodium and be mindful of your portion sizes. It is important to choose foods that do not leave you feeling hungry. Otherwise, you’ll continually snack when unnecessary and overeat. Try to avoid carbonated beverages such as sodas and monitor alcohol intake. If you ever have any dietary concerns, always speak to your doctor or a nutritionist before trying anything new out.

5. Moisturize

Exfoliate regularly and choose a hydra-moisturizing cream to keep that “dewy” look. Try a tinted one to give you that sun-kissed glow and don’t forget to look after your feet (they too need a little love)! Pedicures are a must–treat yourself to a professional one or if you’re a pro, do one at home!


My final tip is perhaps the most important one – the secret to getting swimsuit ready is staying ready throughout the year.

fotini xoxo

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