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Fashion & Style

The Essential Undergarments Every Woman Needs in Her Lingerie Drawer

The perfect outfit only looks as good as the undergarments that are supporting it.

Without a good supportive bra, well-fitting underwear or the right shapewear, all your efforts in putting together a stylish outfit are wasted. You wouldn’t build a house without a frame, and you wouldn’t run a 10K without running shoes. So, you should never blow off investing in good undergarments, either.

Here is your complete guide to a lingerie drawer filled with undergarment essentials.

Bras you need to own right now:

When looking to buy a new bra, the fit is very important. And it’s not always something you can see in a change room mirror. And a good bra consultant can really help. They can walk you through a fitting, as well as the advantages and disadvantages for your body with many different styles of bras.

Some tricks I’ve learned, though, can also help. For example, If the back of the bra is higher than the front, loosen the straps. If the straps are cut into your shoulders, ask for a wider strap. If you are spilling out of the bra underneath the armpit, try a larger sideband. Lastly, if you need some adjusting, do what you would do with a dress and get it tailored by a seamstress.  


  • T-shirt

This piece is essential for that smooth, flawless look, especially if you go for a seamless model. I find that you can get the most use of this piece; it works well under most blouses (except transparent ones), and sweaters.

  • Convertible

The savior of all occasions, whether you’re wearing a halter, strapless, crisscross, or off the shoulder look.

  • Plunge

For those special occasions when you want that little bit of extra, this bra will keep you in place.

  • Underwire

This is a piece for that extra lift. For those of you who don’t like wire: there are non-wire lift bras that have the same effect.

  • Sports

This will carry you from the gym to your day-to-day errands and keep you very comfortable.

Tips:  When you’re purchasing a bra, I recommend seeing a bra consultant and a seamstress.  They can assist you with fitting and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of certain styles.  If the back of the bra is pulling up, loosen the straps. If the straps are cutting into your shoulders, you need a wider strap.  If you are spilling over under the armpit you may want a larger sideband.


Always wear underwear that makes you feel your best. And don’t be afraid to try on different styles – there are so many choices today! Step outside of your comfort zone and you just may be surprised. And like with your bra, a good fit is important. Here are some styles and fits to consider:

  • High-waist

This may sound old-fashioned, but it’s key to own some high waisted panties.  High-waist ensures that everything “stays in place,” so to speak. This style works for women of all shapes and sizes.  

  • Seamless

I cannot stress this enough: you should almost always aim to find seamless underwear, or at least those with minimal seams. It does not matter whether it is a brief, high-waist, or thong etc.; there is nothing worse that having underwear be a focal point of our look.

  • Shaping Panty

This is the concealer of the group and gives a smooth finish.

  • Briefs

This is less physically encompassing, but very comfortable.

  • Bikini

This is a traditional style that works well under most garments. Always remember to wear the right fit so that you don’t see unnecessary areas.

  • Thong

Some choose to stay away from this style; “it’s too uncomfortable”, “it makes me feel uncovered”, “I can never keep it in place.” I’ve heard it all.  Once again, like anything we wear, fit is key when it comes to the thong. You may want to speak to a lingerie specialist. If it is uncomfortable, chances are the fit is not right, not that you can’t wear it.  Here is where it is important to think about seamless as you don’t want anything riding up in an unwanted area. If you are completely against the thong then so be it! Comfort is most important.

Tips:  Wear what makes you feel your best. Thankfully, we have many choices today and I will continue to stress that fit is most important.  Sometimes we can step outside our comfort zone and be surprised with a different style that feels great – it’s all about the fit.


This lingerie innovation has changed the game in how we wear and look in undergarments.  From Beyoncé to Jennifer Lopez, many celebs admit to wearing shapewear. It allows us to perfect our look – looking our best without feeling conscious of areas of concern. Turns out, we all have them – yes, even celebrities. Sometimes a little help can be what gives us the extra bit of confidence.

  • Full Slip Shapewear 

This piece holds everything in place while giving that smooth, seam-free look.

  • Pant Shapewear 

If you are a pants-wearer, you have the choice of knee length or full length.

Tips: In this arena of undergarments you will have a lot of choices. We all have concerns with our ever-changing bodies and sometimes a little help can be what gives us the extra bit of confidence. Consult someone who knows for help.

When shopping for the perfect undergarments, the most important thing is for you to feel comfortable. With every piece of lingerie you own, you should feel good wearing it.   We may have the most beautiful new pant-suit, cocktail dress or latest trending pair of jeans, but it’s what lies beneath that allows us to layer on top for the best look.

fotini xoxo

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