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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

The Do’s and Don’ts of Athleisure

Comfortable. Expressive. Trendy. Athleisure has all the elements of style that makes fashion fun. So, it’s no wonder that this buzzy word that first appeared in 1976 has stuck around.

I love athleisure – when it has its place. It can work for a suitable date night, a day at work or just a casual day running errands. In fact, I list athleisure footwear as a must in any woman’s accessory wardrobe. But that said, athleisure can be a tricky way to dress. Here are my right and wrong ways to do athleisure.

The Don’ts

  • Use it as an excuse to be lazy with your style.

Sure, athleisure is comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you have to be overly casual with your style. It should help define your personal brand, not distract from it.  Like you care.

  • Wear all the athleisure trends at once.

Like other forms of style, from boho to urban chic, athleisure has micro trends each season. Just don’t wear them all at once. Sure, SportsCore (functional athletic wear) is a thing, but wear athleisure with a visual strategy, using a key item as a focal point for your look.

  • Caring more about labels and brands than style.

It can feel like quite an accomplishment to get a pair of sought-after Yeezys or an item from Lululemon’s latest collaboration. But your outfit shouldn’t be a checklist for “of-the-moment” launches. Always remember to feel comfortable and look effortless in your look – it should suit you.

  • You look like you just worked out.

Don’t use your outfit to mark finishing a workout – that’s what Instagram Stories is for. Athleisure can be polished and doesn’t have to look like it just knocked you off your feet.

  • Wear it every day.

Unless you’re a personal trainer, there’s no reason to wear athleisure daily. Your personality is layered, and so too should your personal style.

The Do’s

  • Focus on the shoes.

Footwear is a great focal point for building an outfit around athleisure. It’s up to you how big of a statement you want to make with your running shoes to be white-soled loafers or florescent – either works.  Be sure to take care of your feet and speak to a professional when purchasing – are you a long-distance runner?  Think about the cushion and the arch of the shoe and the support for your back, hips or if you have an ailment of sort.  A professional running shoe consultant will help guide you.  Mine was a life-saver!

  • Mix athleisure with dressy pieces.

Don’t be afraid to dress outside of your daily uniform and add athleisure pieces to the mix. Consider a chic sweatshirt with dress pants or a bomber jacket with a pencil skirt. Be playful. Have fun. Do the unexpected.

  • Layer for your itinerary.

If your day has you running from informal business meetings to yoga to a networking event that athleisure is appropriate for, then layer your outfit accordingly.  Keep in mind that athleisure is not to be mistaken for casual attire – they are very different.

  • Invest in an athleisure statement piece.

We all have days where we look in the mirror and feel we need that something extra to complete our look and yes, even our athleisure look. The next time this happens for you, consider adding a statement piece to your outfit. Perhaps a cropped sweatshirt over your blouse, a utility jacket, leggings with a ruched ankle, patent leather sneakers, why not?  Or a personal favorite a bright color running shoe to put that extra “spring” in your step.

There are countless versions of Athleisure.  While it is okay to experiment with different styles – leggings, shorts, sports bras – we should keep in mind the message we are conveying with the look we wear. Whether we are working out at the gym, taking a class, picking up the kids or going out for a drink, we should be mindful of how we wear our athleisure.  Always, as you know, there are some fashion rules of thumb to consider and they apply to athleisure as well. Take a good look in the mirror before you start your day – your focus should be on the great day you will have!

fotini xoxo

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