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Fashion & Style

Oscar Predictions: What I’m Most Excited To See On The Red Carpet

If the past few awards seasons have any indication, the biggest fashion trend at the 2019 will be all about making a statement. From show-stopping pantsuits to ball gowns that would make a princess bride blush, black #timesup gowns to even a “Build a Wall” frock, women on the red carpet are meant to be seen – and talked about. And this year’s isn’t any different. Here are my predictions for what we will be talking about for the 2019 Oscars.

Fashion’s Leading Lady Gaga

The A Star Is Born actress and all-around talented performer will not disappoint. Her recent statement ball gowns have all been leading us up to the Oscars red carpet. At the world premiere in Venice she set the tone with a pretty pink Valentino couture dress layered in feathers. At the Golden Globes, she donned yet another show-stopping Valentino couture in pale blue perfectly hued with her updo – it was her moment.  Most recently at the Grammys, she went for a dazzling fitted Celine gown in silver while her hair was more relaxed with loose beach waves.  She will be dressing with intent for the Oscars. Whether she walks away with a trophy or not, her style is a sure winner for me. I’ve loved her in Brandon Maxwell at past events. But the question is: Will she be predictable or will she shock us? (As “predictable” as Lady Gaga can be, of course – she did show up to the 2011 Grammys in an egg, right?) I cannot wait to see her on the red carpet at this year’s Oscars.


Best Statement Dress

Who will celebs be wearing? It used to be a sea of Marchesa at the Oscars, but the red-carpet landscape has changed since Harvey Weinstein’s scandal and the designer, Georgina Chapman, divorced him. (Vogue predicts a comeback for the line, actually). Recently at several awards show we have seen a steady flow of Christian Siriano who has embraced dressing women of all sizes. But coming off the recent fashion weeks around the globe, I feel we are going to see almost anything. Always creating a statement with its shows, Viktor & Rolf’s statement dresses were loud memes. The gowns were unmissable statements that spoke innermost thoughts without apologies, including “Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come.” My personal favorite was “I am my own muse” – as one should be.

Best Fashion Plot

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements opened the door to speaking our minds on the red carpet. The actresses aren’t just modelling gowns so people can create lists of who looks good and who doesn’t. They are real women. And they speak not only in interviews but through their sartorial choices. Fashion has always been, and will continue to be, an evolution. As a designer myself, I am a storyteller through my collections. As a style strategist for my Personal Brand Enhancement business , I bring my clients’ stories to the forefront through fashion and what they want to say. I’ll be watching to see what the messages the red carpet tells this year and how the stories will unfold.

Best Trends

Getting back to Oscar fashion, I believe we are back to embracing glamour without apologies, but with a more current hand. It’s modern with ethereal pantsuits (Julia Roberts, 2019 Golden Globes) and the satin trousers and jacket (Emma Stone, 2018 Oscars). Dresses are striking without being princess-y, with ruffled column and embroidered gowns (Emily Blunt, 2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards).  As for color, of course, we typically see red and black. Both are beautifully worn to the Oscars, but they are predictable color choices and safe. I loved seeing white, metallic and gunmetal shades in medieval knight tones (Thandie Newton, Emily Blunt, Debra Messing, as they wore to the 2019 Golden Globes). And blush shades are always so elegant and fresh.

Best Peek-a-boo

Every award season, fashion journalists and experts tag a body part that shows well on the red carpet. My prediction for the 2019 Oscars is a glimpse of surprise at the back. It is one of the sexiest body parts to showcase with asymmetrical neck-lines. Even capes add a stylish dimension to any glam look. I predict they’ll wear glittery long earrings with minimal hair to show off the back of the gowns.

Best Men – All of Them!

The 2019 award season had men so fashion forward. With the harness as an accessory, to the flamboyant suit and cape to the gorgeous colors in velvet or brocade jackets, we were seeing men dress like never before. How refreshing was it to see them step outside the box – and still look and feel comfortable! It is going to be interesting to see how they step up from that to the Oscars.

The Best Fashion is Yet to Come

Fashion is a paradigm, a form of expression of who we are. What other way can we visually represent ourselves, if not through fashion? This award season, and previous ones too, have been the build-up to strong, fearless style – while not forgetting the essence elegance and femininity. The most powerful combination is skill/talent, empathy and taking pride in yourself and, yes, through fashion that can bring confidence – always the best style. I cannot wait to see the limitless choices for this year’s Oscars.


fotini xoxo

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