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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

Your Best Party Self: A Guide to Holiday Fashion Etiquette

“What should I wear?” The overwhelming “fashion” question during this time of year. As the holiday party season approaches, and the invitations begin to pile up, the “what should I wear?” question feels more stressful than normal.

You know your style – that is not the issue. It’s because we always want to make a good impression. From engagements with the family, date night, professional obligations to a celebratory evening with the girls here are some considerations to lighten the “fashion choice” burden.

I’ve broken it down into three simple considerations. Don’t overthink it and let’s focus on looking forward to the event and having a fabulous time!

Dress appropriately

The term fashion etiquette is “loosely” considered because of that “anything goes” mentality. But you can always tell those who have thought through dressing well and appropriately for the occasion. They not only look stylish, but put together. Dressing appropriately means dressing for your best self and making a great impression. Holiday parties are often the occasion to meet new people, network, re-connect with those you haven’t seen since last year, or even meeting your partner’s parents for the first time, making a positive impression is key for building relationships.

If you’re not sure if your fashion-forward look is a bit too forward, try these quick tests:

  • Sit down. How comfortable are you? If you’re wearing a skirt – is it too short? Do your pants fit well or are they too tight? If you need to cross your legs? No need for a “peep show” right?
  • Bend down. As you bend down, or over, does the skirt/dress rise too high? You can be sexy without risking modesty.
  • Look down. If you are wearing a plunging neckline – or a low back – be mindful of the risk for a wardrobe malfunction. Prevent that from happening with a bit of two-sided tape. Put some extra in your clutch too – just in case.

Put some thought into it

Be respectful of your host(s). It’s about understanding the dress code and the type of mood the they want their guests to experience. It can be casual (smart casual really), cocktail (dressy-casual) and formal. The dressier the event, the more likely your host(s) will include the dress code in the invitation which can also be interpreted by the venue selection (house versus restaurant versus event hall) and the menu (potluck versus catered). Always put thought into what you will be wearing – your confidence will shine through!

Invest in holiday classics and staples

The reason we most often think we have nothing to wear, when we look at a closet filled with clothes, is because we haven’t invested in the right things. [link to: https://thefotinifactor.com/2018/04/04/the-importance-of-a-well-edited-closet/] Planning ahead won’t leave you stressing at the last minute for your look.

  • The LBD is always a winner. Just make sure it’s an appropriate length (that doesn’t mean you cannot go short), with the above-mentioned exercises.
  • A bold colored dress works too. It does not have to be black! Play with some color for the season.
  • Update an outfit you already own with hosiery. Your choices are endless, from patterns, texture, color and more. And, if there is some extra space in your purse, bring an extra pair.
  • Think outside the dress. A jumpsuit can be a good holiday party look that’s uber chic or a pant suit. We have great options outside the dress.

At holiday parties, or any event for that matter, you want to respect yourself and others with your style choices. Etiquette is important in an overall sense of being, but it also can be communicated through fashion, which is why I wanted to create an easy guide you can follow. When it comes to holiday fashion etiquette or any fete, dress better than think you should. Chances are you’ll be right, especially during the holidays.

fotini xoxo

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