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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

My Style Icons – and How You Can Dress Like Them

Fashion is all about inspiration. We take visual cues from what we see – whether it’s from our friends or family, magazines, Instagram influencers, street-style images, or the red carpet.

Find inspiration from your favourite style icons.

One of my first fashion memories as a little girl comes from the 1975 film Mahogany. A film that broke barriers – but most importantly a film that made me dream. Diana Ross’ alluring, impossibly bold and unapologetic looks really transformed the way I perceived and experienced fashion. She instantly became one of my ultimate style icons.

I have identified my current top five style icons and I share with you why their approach to fashion has inspired me.

Amal Clooney

Amal’s style is an emulation of her true self. She has character, intelligence, empathy, and beauty that is regal. I respect and admire, not only her style, but also her integrity as one of the best international law and human rights lawyers in the world.

Style Icons Status: The first thing I notice is how polished she always looks. Whether she is in jeans and a cotton shirt, suited for the office or dressed for a black-tie event, she is always sexy and very tasteful. She exudes confidence in her fashion choices. Being a powerful barrister, it’s remarkable how she’s not afraid to dress and flirt with femininity. Fashion with classic elegance and flair is the best way I would describe her style.

Steal her look: Being tall and statuesque, most fashion trends will look fabulous on her. The take-away point is that she focuses on silhouette and what works for her. Understanding that approach will and can work for any woman.

Victoria Beckham

I have watched Victoria’s style evolve, from Posh Spice to Mrs. David Beckham, from mom of four to full-fledged fashion designer. She has proven she can do – and wear – it all.

Style Icons Status: What I love about Victoria’s current style is that she is effortless, chic and glamorous. I love that she can wear a menswear-inspired tuxedo with her hair undone and looks like it took her five minutes to get ready. Although I am not typically a fan of the oversized clothes especially on a petite frame, when she chooses to wear that “style” she does it well.

Steal her look: Stylish and on trend without looking like she tries too hard – I love that. While continuing to wear structured silhouettes she does it with a softer aesthetic.

Olivia Palermo

Forever the It Girl, Olivia dresses with elegance and class. Her fashion edits can vary.  From a sophisticated Valentino gown to an oversized sweater with wide-leg pants to pairing distressed jeans with a faux shearling coat.

Style Icons Status: I love how she takes tasteful risks and is never predictable – except for always being on point, of course. I notice she will choose one piece and make that her focal point – then build the rest of the look around it. That is how a style icon does it right.

Steal her look: Although Olivia has perfected her fashion style with time and experimenting, you can start with taking some safe risks. Choose a bold color or an unexpected accessory and build from there. She can pull it off and you can too.

Jane Fonda

A legend in her own right, an accomplished entertainer and fitness guru, Jane is a women’s advocate with timeless beauty. To me, she defines Hollywood glamour, especially on the red carpet.

Style Icons Status: Jane is often on the most acclaimed best-dressed lists. Yes, she has a lovely figure – and she has earned it through her workouts over the years. But my takeaway is that she wears her looks with confidence and is comfortable in the style choices she makes. She does not allow herself to be pigeonholed.

Steal her look: Some “style experts” will suggest women dress “age appropriate.” I hope that term is terminated. Jane proves she can wear a fitted Versace gown encrusted in beads or sequins. Dare yourself to try something on that is outside of your comfort zone. You might find out that you look and feel fabulous.

Sophia Loren

As one of the first women in film to celebrate her curves – something women are meant to have – Sophia defines Siren, both as an actress and a style icon.

Style Icons Status: I love Sophia’s look because she captures femininity, sex appeal and power in the most appropriate way. Whether she is wearing a beautiful belted dress with a full skirt, a fitted pantsuit, or a corset gown on the red carpet, she shows how to dress like a confident woman. Her casual style is fabulous too.

Steal her look: Sophia’s formula is pretty straightforward. She accentuates the “everything I have I owe to spaghetti” hourglass figure by defining her waist, as noted above. While some trends point to draping and oversized, don’t forget to show off your womanly figure.

These women are the epitome of style, fashion, statement, and elegance. What do they have in common? They embrace being a woman, without ever apologizing for it. They have confidence in what they wear and who they are – that is important for all

fotini xoxo

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