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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

Holiday dressing: How to dazzle at a holiday party effectively

I have written about how you can enhance your personal brand through fashion, and holiday parties are no exception.

In fact, with all the holiday engagements, your life in general, this time of year can feel overwhelming. First and foremost, you should feel good about yourself and what you’re wearing – your look should represent you at your best. With that in mind, here are five easy rules to help you navigate holiday party dressing.

1. Understand your audience. As much as people say they dress for themselves, it’s important to dress appropriately for those you’ll be spending time with as well. Is this a work party? Is it a girls’ night event? You’ll want to fit in but let your personal style shine and do the talking.

2. Note the time and duration of the event. What you wear to a breakfast event can differ from what you wear to a lunch, afternoon, or evening fête. But use common sense, breakfast and lunch gatherings typically mean you have to wear a business attire – if it is a business event. If it is a family event it could call for a more relaxed look.  Dinner and evening events will vary, for example, a cocktail reception followed by a dinner can be a timely affair, whereas a dinner alone could end earlier. If you are attending a full-day event keep in mind to wear fabrics that will have minimal creasing. In addition, you may need to dress in layers if the temperatures fluctuate depending on the venue.

3. Respect the dress code. Your hosts are creating a specific atmosphere, so you should consider dressing according to the expectations that they set out. Dressy or casual – whatever the theme, dress suitably. Your invite should outline if you’re expected to dress for black tie/formal or cocktail. Not sure what the dress code is? Contact the source which the invitation was sent from. Don’t go in blindly.

4. Make a smart transition. Some holiday parties aren’t the most convenient for getting ready, therefore you may have to prepare for the transition on the go. Some easy ways to transform your look from day to evening can be by changing into a feminine blouse, a dressier shoe, or touch up your makeup with a smoky eye. Don’t forget to accessorize with statement jewelry that will instantly elevate your look.

5. Finally, have fun! It’s a holiday party after all, so allow yourself to have fun with fashion. Express yourself with colours, patterns, and prints that are fitting to the type of event you’re attending. For instance, the ambience of finance parties is different from fashion celebrations. If it is a fashion event, you can dare to play with your look a lot more. But a luncheon in a corporate environment would call for a look that is more business appropriate.

When it comes to holiday dressing it’s important to understand your audience, respect the dress code, but most importantly to allow yourself to express and be playful with fashion. It’s more than just wearing a little black dress and calling it a night. Instead, holiday dressing is the perfect occasion to show off your brand through your style and, of course, fashion.


fotini xoxo

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