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Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

Accessories That Are Your Secret Weapon

Make an impact without saying a word, without shopping for a new wardrobe, or without even a new outfit. The easiest way to wear an outfit multiple times – dress it up or down for that matter – is with smart accessorizing!

If we’re all being honest, we want longevity from our wardrobe, in addition to looking stylish and current. Even style icons, who can call in dresses for any occasion, noticeably get multi-wears from garments. The ever-so beautiful and fashionable Kate Middleton recycles her wardrobe. Her secret to making her repeat outfits look fresh: Switching up accessories.

Here’s five important accessories investments to elevate your look while keeping it current.

1. Great Footwear 

This is Number One because we all need to take care of our feet. They take us everywhere. A little extra money spent will go a long way and with the following tips you can certainly elevate your look:

  • Transitional color choices (think: seasons) including, black, navy, chocolate, nude and camel.
  • A pop of color is always fun to wear (statement heel, anyone?), but, first, make sure you already have these must-haves: a comfortable flat that you can dress up or down, a classic pump (3 – 3 ½ inch heel), a classic sandal or wedge for the spring/ summer, an ankle boot, and a knee-high boot.
  • The running shoe or athleisure footwear. I list this separately because I believe you should get the advice from an educated consultant. If you are athletic and use the shoes to run or power walk, there are many parameters when selecting the right shoe.

2. The Carry-all Purse

A tote is timeless. This too, like the classic footwear category can be worn from day to night, from the office to dropping off the kids, to meeting girlfriends for a drink. If you stick with the tones you choose for your shoes, you will not only lower your cost-per-wear, but you will transition your wardrobe perfectly from season to season. And, you can expertly sneak in a pair of flats if you need to with this bag.

3. Jewelry

  • The watch – one that is not oversized or too dainty, keeping in mind what would be appropriate for day to evening.
  • Delicate stud earrings – gold, silver, diamond, crystal or pearl to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn.
  • A string of pearls – the length is up to you and your own personal style.
  • A locket or pendant necklace – in addition to the pearls.
  • The statement necklace (yes, please!) – have fun with this piece. Keep color choices in mind for seasons and choose a smaller earring to pair it with.

4. Eyewear 

Whether you have glasses to protect your beautiful eyes from the sun or to help you read, choose a flattering frame that compliments your face. If it is in your budget a back-up pair is a good idea – in case you lose or damage the pair you wear more frequently. A bold frame accessorizes, like a statement necklace, adds some fun and color to your look. Try a bold red circle frame or a two-tone pair in blue hues – let your personality come through!

5. Belts

A stylish belt completes and polishes an outfit. Ideally, two versions work best – any additional belts are just “the icing on the cake”. Think of weekend wear, for example, your jeans, or “street-style”. Then there is the polished/professional belt for the office; one you can wear with dresses and more. When purchasing, be cautious of the size of the buckle or statement logos. You don’t want the buckle to be the focus of your look.

Accessories are crucial to any look and are a great way to express your unique style – have fun with your choices!

fotini xoxo

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