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Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Feeling Good – On The Inside and Outside

Health is just one of those things we can’t help but take for granted. When our immunity is strong and our bodies seem invincible, the thought of not feeling at our best seems impossible. But health is all about feeling good – physically and mentally.

These are some of my personal rules:

Love your body, that’s rule number 1!

Self-care practice stems from a regular fitness routine to seeing your doctor as needed (for maintenance, not just illness) is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

But get over the Instagram version of #health. It’s not a one-size-fits-all regimen of green juices and barre class. So, stop comparing yourself to others. That only fuels insecurities and unrealistic expectations. And just like beauty, a healthy lifestyle comes in many shapes and sizes.  Get ready to get your mind blown: Some people have slim physiques naturally because of genetics – period! Others have personal challenges that no one knows about that causes weight fluctuation. We don’t know everyone’s circumstances and the reasoning of what their weight is or is not.  It is not always the “grass is always greener”; it could be because of a serious health issue.  Let’s just concentrate on ourselves and how we can be at our best, for us!

Not sure where to start? Consult a health, fitness or wellness professional on what type of program is best for you. Following a balanced diet with portion control may require professional guidance, but common sense tells you when you are over indulging. You just know when you’re not eating well based on how you feel.

Working with what we have been given and not compete with others. Not easy, I know, when the world revolves around social media today. With filters, apps, the right lighting –  the list goes on –  anyone can “look perfect”. When you look and feel your best, it resonates. Instead set the bar for yourself, so that your goals are achievable and always strive for improvement. Make you a better, healthier and stronger you with a realistic timeline. Treat your body with respect and seek to succeed in the long term.  As a result, you will become a more confident person.

Sleep on it.

For me, one of the most important things for well-being and health is a good night’s sleep, or rather, a good sleeping ritual. A terrible sleep habit makes you irritated, you can’t think clearly and, you might end up making decisions that are not best for you.

I admit it. Shutting down is a real challenge for me. I’ve learned from my high-stress career and working in the ever-changing fashion industry, that it’s important to do. But it’s so accessible nowadays, with apps for meditation and breathing. But you can also go old-school by creating a night-time routine that focuses on you, instead of the stresses of the day. That could mean reading a good book or taking a quiet walk. Whatever it is that works for you, just make sure you’re removing yourself from the noise – start with small steps.

Have fun, be someone worthy of your life.

Laugh. Be charming. Love life. These sound like silly approaches to health, but the retroactive physical effects on work stress is really astounding.

So, drop the Lame Janes who bring you down. Surround yourself with positive people, from family, friends to even mentors. I personally have a couple of friends that when I am in their presence at certain times, we have shared belly-aching laughs. It feels so good. I take notice how I feel when I leave someone’s company. In our professional lives, we don’t always have the chance to walk away from someone who causes us distress, but we have the choice to allow the negative in or not. Remember, people make you feel how you allow them to make you feel.

Go dancing, have friends over for game night, attend an art show – do whatever inspires you. If you’re inspired on your downtime, you’ll be refreshed to tackle whatever comes your way between nine and five (and after, because we all know we’re not just working 40 hours a week.)

Being kind and empathetic. It costs nothing to do these two things, and when behave this way towards people, it is mutually beneficial. As they say, spread the love.

And finally, life truly is funny, so have a sense of humour about it. Laughter is not overrated by any means (and medical study after medical study show that the physical benefits are immediate and help you over the long run.

So, stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, how they look, what career they have, their accomplishments. Achieve for your personal fulfillment.

fotini xoxo

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